UKbride Member Request 29 May 2019

Page boys organisation dilemma

Hi ladies! I will have flower girls and page boys in the wedding. One of the mothers (a friend of mine) of one of the page boys, after knowing that he was going to be page boy, when I said to her that I was counting with all my friends from London (the wedding is in Italy and we are both Italians living in London) she said to me that she didn't know if they were going to be able to make it to the wedding as it's messy to travel with the kid and she had just came back from maternity leave. I can understand this, the problem is that she told me this while she was on a trip to Tunisia and the company where she works tops up with half of the salary maternity leave and her husband earns a lot (according to her). I was annoyed at the beginning but I got to understand her. I have now to start organising the outfits and I don't know if to create the group in whatsapp without asking her if she knows they'll be going or to ask her first. I don't want her to feel forced to go, only she knows her financial situation but I also don't want her to feel that I've ignored her. I've talked recently to her bringing up wedding things but she hasn't said anything or even asked about the wedding (which is fine, not everybody needs to be interested in the wedding). What should I do? Thanks!!!

UKbride Member 5 Jun 2019

Just ask her directly if she thinks they will be attending or not as you need to start organising the little un’s outfits... she’s not going to be upset and probably more relieved you’ve brought the question up... obviously have an idea of travel and accommodation costs etc... ready so you can discuss if there’s an issue with finances xx


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