Gail Dowding
Gail Dowding 28 May 2019

Where do we start?

We want to get married abroad, somewhere sunny and on a beach. Where do we even start looking for packages available?

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 29 May 2019

im not getting married abroad but I would maybe start with travel agents for ideas x

Marina Hidalgo
Marina Hidalgo 29 May 2019

There are some travel agencies that organise weddings abroad. It will depend if you want a religious or civil ceremony and depending on the country you need to check if you have to do any paperwork back in UK. I'm getting married in Spain in September, but mainly because I'm Spanish. Another option is to find a place you like and start organising on your own from here (after visiting of course) or to look for a wedding planner in the area. Hope this helps!

Gail Dowding
Gail Dowding 30 May 2019

Thank you


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