Melissa Alexander
Melissa Alexander 28 May 2019


When we've picked a venue, is it best to speak to the registry to confirm dates and then book the venue, or better to do this the other way round?

Rach Sherratt
Rach Sherratt 28 May 2019

Every venue I have spoken to wants proof of registrar before they accept your booking x

Hayley Marden
Hayley Marden 2 Jun 2019

We booked the venue as they sorted the registrar out for us and just had to pay deposit

Georgina Youé
Georgina Youé 9 Jun 2019

I’ve booked my venue but not my registrar because my wedding is still over a year away and you can’t do it more than a year in advance. My venue just advised We get it as soon as we can to make sure we can get married at the time we want

Lauren McNab
Lauren McNab 11 Jun 2019

My venue was booked last week and I will hopefully book my registrar next month (providing they don't require less than one year's notice like above). My venue had no problem with me booking without registrar as they actually gave me recommendations for them and other suppliers.

Claire Bennett
Claire Bennett 12 Jun 2019

Ive booked my venue and my registrar. You can book your registrar up to 2 years in advance they told us this when we booked. The venue also asked us if we had confirmed the registrar. Ive paid deposit but had to change the time of our wedding as the registrars only do certain times so best to do both together x

Jenna Brown
Jenna Brown 22 Sep 2019

My venue held a provisional booking for 2 weeks which gave time to book and pay the deposit for the registrar. I then confirmed the booking at the venue x


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