UKbride Member Request 20 May 2019

Bridesmaid dress stress!

I'm feeling so stressed!!! I have 2 bridesmaids and we want bridesmaid dresses. One of them is happy to wear pretty much anything, but one of them is quite fussy and doesnt like any dress options given. She also seems to want a party/evening dress rather than a bridesmaid dress. What do I do!!!!??? I dont want to fall out with my friend over a bridesmaid dress!! ????????

Sharon Doggett
Sharon Doggett 23 May 2019

Look on ebay as they do all styles of dress for weddings and are reasonably priced

Victoria Monk
Victoria Monk 23 May 2019

It's your special day the bridesmaid should be wearing what you pick not what they want. They don't need to out do the bride

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 29 May 2019

why don't you pick 2 you love and get her to pick 2 and see if you can compromise at the end of the day they need to feel comfortable but lets be honest its you people will really be looking at xx

Leah Finch
Leah Finch 30 May 2019

It’s your wedding at the end of the day, not hers! Choose something you want for your day!


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