UKbride Member Request 10 May 2019

Sunday wedding yes or no?

#MEMBERREQUEST just want to ask a question, we have found our perfect venue and were planning to have the wedding later this year but they only have Sundays available, I’m wondering if our guests will still come and stay later for evening and have a good time or will it be that people will leave early because they would have work the next day? Or should I just move it till later in the year (November) and have a Friday or Saturday?

Amy Wilding
Amy Wilding 10 May 2019

Saturday weddings are always more of a winner but I’m sure if you give your guests enough notice they wouldn’t mind having a Monday off work. It’s so much cheaper to get married on a Sunday isn’t it!

Rachel Hoskins
Rachel Hoskins 11 May 2019

We're getting married on a Sunday by choice because it's the date we wanted. People have happily booked the Monday off work and it doesn't seem to be a problem so far x

Kimberley Joyce
Kimberley Joyce 20 May 2019

If you're worried hun have them check if they have a bank holiday Sunday free, everyone will be off the next day x


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