UKbride Member Request 21 Apr 2019

Invitation only weddig

Ok, so have been to a few weddings where uninvited guests have just turned up. My fiancé and I want our day to be special to us, but where we live, there will be a few people that just think they can turn up. We are not particularly sociable people, but in my line of work especially, people expect to just be invited! Is there any way we can make sure our wedding reception is invitation only? Maybe specifying on invitations that we send, or something like that? Has anybody else done this? At the moment I’m just not telling people when they ask the date, instead I tell them it isn’t set yet as I don’t want to offend people. But I want the day/night to be just about us instead of worrying about freeloaders and unwelcome guests.

Caitlin Shanahan
Caitlin Shanahan 3 May 2019

Does the venue have security? Maybe put on the invitations they will need to present these upon arrival? X


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