Emma Allsop
Emma Allsop 17 Apr 2019

Help with locations

Hi everyone wondering if anyone can help with finding a wedding venue around the Oxford/Newbury area. Both me and my partner aren't from around here but it's half way for both family and friends to travel. I've had some quotes back for ceremony and breakfast and have been very expensive. Looking for a Manor house /hotel to have the whole day there or even considering Newbury registry office which looks lovely! Just need either a nice restaurant type place for food and evening do or another venue any ideas be much appreciated

Anstice Pryse-Hawkins
Anstice Pryse-Hawkins 18 Apr 2019

Maybe try Creslow Manor, it's not Oxford/Newbury but is in Buckinghamshire, which is near Oxford or try The Buckingham Museum, both are beautiful.


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