Elise Salter
Elise Salter 10 Apr 2019

Maid of Honour

I have always thought that my sister would be my MOH but in recent years we haven’t been very close we barely even talk. We are planning our wedding in 2022 but she is going to uni in September which means she won’t be around if any planning, booking, dress shopping. What do I do?

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Apr 2019

Don't appoint anyone as MOH until nearer the time.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Apr 2019

Maybe just have her as a bridesmaid and have a close friend/relative as your MOH, or don’t have a MOH and just bridesmaids xx

Ami Dixon-Smith
Ami Dixon-Smith 11 Apr 2019

My MOH lives a 3 hour drive from me but has been awesome with helping where she’s needed. I also have a Man if Honour and 2 Bridesmaids (one of which lives 6 hours away) but they’ve all been awesome!

No matter how far - they love you and they’ll be there for you 🙂

Jennifer McEvoy
Jennifer McEvoy 11 Apr 2019

I havent got Maid of honour... I have my daughter and her cousin as flower/ bridesmaids and I only have an older brother... I don't think you really need one. Just have her as a bridesmaid.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Apr 2019

Pick someone else. Or better yet don't bother with a maid of honour it's not needed. Bridesmaids are enough, and it's easier to split the duties amongst them rather than expecting one person to do it all

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Apr 2019

My first moh done pne with out a word n wev had to rush round doing it my self

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Apr 2019

You don't need a MOH I had my 3 cousins as bridesmaid all of which live hundreds of miles away and one abroad, I am as close to them all so didn't want to choose a MOH and it worked perfectly they all did amazing, helped with EVERYTHING all went above and beyond (as much as they could from a way off) and nobody felt anyone was more important than the rest. Personally I just think it's a load of tosh having a MOH.

Roxie Houghton
Roxie Houghton 11 Apr 2019

I always thought that you ask someone to be your MOH because they're your best friend/favourite person regardless of how much use they will be to you during planning.... I asked my MOH when she was 4 months pregnant...I knew that she wouldn't always be free for me because of her son, but that doesn't matter, she was the person I wanted by my side on my wedding day. Your other bridesmaids and family can always help with planning. Good luck! Xx

Kimberley Jessop
Kimberley Jessop 11 Apr 2019

Ask her. She is your sister. I don't expect my MOH to do anything. If she wants to help (which mine does) that's fine. But apart from organising a hen do and helping me get ready on the day she can input as much or as little as she wants. Im not marrying my MOH. H2B should do more of that as it's us who are getting married. I guess it depends on what you expect from her.

Heather Oakley
Heather Oakley 11 Apr 2019

My sister lives 45mins-1hr away she’s still my maid of honour though. Can’t imagine anyone else being there ❤️

Abigail Wilford
Abigail Wilford 11 Apr 2019

I have both my sister and cousin as MOH (twin sister) and Chief Bridesmaid (cousin) because I couldn't choose between them, so I'm having both!

Erin McGowan
Erin McGowan 11 Apr 2019

She’s going to uni not another planet, Facebook, texting and visiting exist

Andrea Lawlor
Andrea Lawlor 11 Apr 2019

I live on the other side of the country to my sister, I stil asked her. Ill be honest my bridesmaids didn't do any planning and for dresses/fittings we worked it out.

She will make time for you as long as you ask.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Apr 2019

I would use it as a reason to see her more. You can wait a couple of years yet before deciding

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Apr 2019

I don't understand why it becomes and expectation of bridesmaids/moh to do jobs and certain things? 🤷‍️ I mean don't get me wrong my bridesmaids came to dress fittings and organised my hen do but that was it. It should be your h2b that helps seeing as it's his wedding too!

Kirsty Cleall
Kirsty Cleall 11 Apr 2019

My MOH is my daughter, but I didn’t give her any duties to do ( due to anxiety)... but I did ask my wonderful sister in law to arrange my hen do ... she has been absolutely amazing, give advice and support where ever needed ... your MOH doesn’t have to do the duties it’s about being by your side xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Apr 2019

Just because she’s going to uni doesn’t mean she can’t help out in some way or form, how far away is she going? If it’s an hour then surly come a day when she has no lectures or a weekend she can come home to look at dresses with you ect.
I’m in uni myself and know for a fact your not in a class 9am-6pm every single day so there will be time to meet up. But even if you don’t have her as your MOH you could still have her as a bridesmaid

Beth Whitaker
Beth Whitaker 11 Apr 2019

I have seen so many posts saying “I picked my bridesmaids years ago and now I’ve changed my mind!” Three years is a long time and a lot can happen, I think it’s probably best to ask no one for another year or two x

Debbie Osborne
Debbie Osborne 11 Apr 2019

im doing all my organising/shopping myself...never rely on others as it doesn't get done...i have always done things for myself x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Apr 2019

I'd never even dream of asking anybody but my sister to be my MOH I couldn't care if she's in America aslong as she was their for my big day.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Apr 2019

Who do some brides think MOH and bridesmaids are there to do a job for you? Ive been a bridesmaid twice and didn’t have to do or pay for anything. Your wedding to plan and book and of course you should ask your sister to be MOH. Im sure she would be happy to give up a few weekends to go shopping for a dress.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Apr 2019

Chose who u want xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Apr 2019

My sister is my MOH, and she’s going to uni 5 hours away in September and we get married in July 2020. It doesn’t matter to me because she will be here for important things if she can. But at the same time my sister is my best friend, if yours isn’t as close to you don’t feel like you have to ask her. It’s your decision! Xx

Katie Warren
Katie Warren 22 Apr 2019

Only think about what’s best for you after all it’s your big day don’t be persuaded by others of traditions


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