Emily Marsh
Emily Marsh 1 Apr 2019

Wedding co-ordinator put us off perfect venue

Hi, Were getting married in a couple of years and thought we found the perfect venue. However after talking to the wedding co-ordinator we came away feel like we weren't going to get the day we wanted. Were getting married late in the day. Having photos in a local gallery and then want to go to this venue with 150ish guests for food, speeches etc. Ideally we would like canapes and drink for day guests once they arrove while photos are being done and then a British fare style buffet. However the co-ordinator was fairly insistant that we should have a sit down meal even if it was only the immediate family of 20. I get this is where the venues make their money, but its really but me off. Im torn as location is ideal and i love the style etc of the decor in the hotel. But at the same time feel like i wont get what we actually want. How do i tackle this?

Anstice Pryse-Hawkins
Anstice Pryse-Hawkins 2 Apr 2019

Speak to the Coordinator, explain exactly what you want, have a plan, timings etc and be firm about exactly what you want, if they're still playing funny and want you to have a sit down meal, ask if there's another Coordinator you could talk to as they're obviously not in line with your vision, if not then do just say if a fayre style buffet isn't available and they'll only do a sit down formal meal, maybe the venues not right.
They'll soon change their tune.
Also just from a hospitality point of view the venue won't actually make much money on a sit down meal, buffet or canapes with a bar (open or not) are much more profitable. However sit down formal is easier as staff don't have to be constantly present to hand out food, replenish and clear.


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