UKbride Member Request 1 Apr 2019

Fiancé is in navy, having trouble finding a date

I’m not sure if anyone here can help, but my fiancé is in the navy. We got engaged last year and hoping to marry in 2020, but I’m having trouble finding a date as to when we can marry. Does anyone have any ideas? A lot of places need a good few months/a year notice in order to book but lately, I’ve only been finding out a week or so in advance to when he’s free. Is anyone else going through this?

Hayley Marden
Hayley Marden 1 Apr 2019

Depends if you want a big day or not fused. As if you want a simple one then do register and then book a pub to have meal and dance in after.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 2 Apr 2019

Not much help to you, but my grandparents went through the same thing. Think they had the dress etc bought but she only got three weeks notice to arrange the church and reception.

Maria Lorite Valiente
Maria Lorite Valiente 2 Apr 2019

My boyfriend is in the royal navy too and we got the date of his days off, as it's impossible to book with 1 year in advance as we don't know certain dates. So we are going for this summer.

Chloe Mclean
Chloe Mclean 2 Apr 2019

My brother is in the navy and he eloped in vegas as it made it so much easier for them xx

Jenna Venables
Jenna Venables 2 Apr 2019

Even if you were given set dates, they can change at any moment, all needs of the service! All I can suggest is get insurance that would cover it just in case!

Laura Kulinski
Laura Kulinski 2 Apr 2019

Have you any docked old boats around you? You could always try them there's a couple near where we are and they seem to have alot of navy weddings on them

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 2 Apr 2019

We did everything from announcing the date to saying "i do" in 10 weeks anything is possible x

Nicole Gomer
Nicole Gomer 2 Apr 2019

Depends if hes on a ship or has a shore draft etc, ive just married my sailor and we booked a year in advance but made sure we had goid insurance. Debenhams we used Xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 2 Apr 2019

We were really lucky when we booked our wedding and my husband is in the marines and they said they would honour the date. He came home just in time for the big day. We took out wedding insurance that would cover deployment and other military life issues just in case there was a problem x

Jay Barrat
Jay Barrat 2 Apr 2019

My partner is in the Navy. They can put in for leave time. He’s currently deployed now for 5months. We set our date for feb 2020. They said they would honour it. But getting insurance just in case x


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