UKbride Member Request 25 Mar 2019

Wedding dress help

Hello my lovelies!! So I bought my wedding dress, it's has a beautiful sweatheart neckline, but also has that illusion high neck as well, I've attached a picture. Well I'm more busty then the model and the dress is perfect because it has an in built bra, however I've noticed that the 'ladies' like to remain separated and I just think it looks odd with the gap, so my question to you lovely lot is, do you think there's a way I can push them together without the use of a bra? Thanks in advance for your help ????

A member uploaded image

Joanna F
Joanna F 26 Mar 2019

My bridesmaid dresses are low at the back so they have bought stick on bras from primark that have a clip in the middle to help pull things together. From looking at the picture I think they may be hidden 😊


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