Kerry Montgomery
Kerry Montgomery 20 Feb 2019

Best place for Selling wedding dress

Looking for advice on where to sell my wedding dress after the wedding. I got married in October 2018 and I’m hoping to sell the dress this year but don’t even know where to start! Also best recommendations for dress cleaning too!

Vicky Chitty
Vicky Chitty 20 Feb 2019

I don’t know about cleaning but is a good site for selling wedding dresses

Carolann Mclean
Carolann Mclean 20 Feb 2019

Just a thought what about donating it to somewhere than can make use out of it they make angel gowns out of wedding dresses for stillborn baby's to wear x

Siobhan McInnes
Siobhan McInnes 20 Feb 2019

Marketplace on fb is really good for that

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Feb 2019


Sarah Hall
Sarah Hall 20 Feb 2019

I’ve still got mine after 33years wouldn’t part with it 😊

UKbride Member 20 Feb 2019

Costs £17 to list on I've had no joy trying to sell mine on there sadly

Page Emily Wilson
Page Emily Wilson 20 Feb 2019

I just put mine in the washing machine on a cool wash, twice! Full lace, tulle the lot... came out brand new 😂

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Feb 2019

I just sold my dress using a place called ‘brides dress revisited’, based near Kent. I sent my dress to them, I’m in Devin, then people were able to try on and purchase, they took a commission. Worth a look, no website worked for me 🤷‍️ sold it in 6-8 weeks there. They might be picky with designers and condition but worth an ask! X

Leah Ward
Leah Ward 20 Feb 2019

If you are near Manchester there is a shop called preloved to reloved (they have a fb page) who will sell your dress for a small fee usually more Intrest in them than selling online as you would get a proper "boutique" experience x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Feb 2019

I'm having mine made into my daughters communion dress xx


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