UKbride Member Request 19 Feb 2019

Flower girls

My wedding planning is running so smoothly and stress free with everything BUT the flower girls. I personally don’t want any, but to keep family happy Im having all my nieces.. 8 in total!! Unfortunately one of them is of the larger size.. and can’t seem to find the same style of dress from her size to the youngest. (I’m being fussy as I’m wanting the dresses all the same). But now that particular niece has said she doesn’t want to be a flower girl, due to being upset as none have fitted and has given her low self esteem.. but in my mind- if she isn’t a flower girl then I’m having none. It’s either all of them or none. Am I being harsh?! Do I need to take a step back and let my family deal with this stress?! Or just put my foot down and have none?!

Kimberley Joyce
Kimberley Joyce 24 Feb 2019

Hiya! Funny reading this as I was kind of in the same boat but I've put my foot down and said I'm not having any... not only is it more costly to have so many, you then have to organise them all in the mornig and have to deal with any hissy fits in the morning and then the photos etc... I mean that might not happen but I'm not prepared to deal with themail if they do 🙈 I know that sounds bad lol x
But yeah I'd put my foot down hun. At the end of the day it'll be a lot less stress for you! Xx

Jessica Pearce
Jessica Pearce 26 Feb 2019

I am not having any and like Kimberley says, it would be so much stress free not just for planning but on the day too! Do what you want, it is your day!!!


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