Andrea Allison
Andrea Allison 9 Feb 2019

Venues own decor

We went to see our wedding planner the other day. While awaiting for her we noticed that the furniture in the reception lounge was badly ripped and the door openings very dirty. I know I should have brought it to her attention. My question is. Do I email her or the hotel manager about it ? I don't want to cause a scene but it's the first thing my guests will see ???? I'd like to add that when we booked it wasn't in that state

Rione Craik
Rione Craik 10 Feb 2019

I personally would mention it. Its not what you initially agreed to.

Andrea Allison
Andrea Allison 11 Feb 2019

Thanks Rione, you are right. I need to get a backbone.

Rione Craik
Rione Craik 11 Feb 2019

You're welcome hun :)


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