Olivia Bradbury
Olivia Bradbury 22 Jan 2019

Venue help

I have fallen in love with a venue but is approx £4000 more than others? Is it worth spending the extra money to have the location? Or better to use money on other things at a different venue?

Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith 22 Jan 2019

That is a lot of money! I think it really depends where and what your priorities are. Would you be as happy with somewhere that cost less? I think it's the people and personal touches that will make your wedding, I don't think the venue is absolutely everything but equally I think you need to be happy and fingers crossed you are only doing it once! A pros and cons list? Personally, I would put some of that extra money towards the honeymoon!

Charlotte Macdonald
Charlotte Macdonald 22 Jan 2019

I would say other things
We had our perfect venue, however it was where we had our first date and was £3k less than our 2nd favourite
You can make somewhere pretty for less than £4K. Money isn’t everything unless it’s endless....

.Melanie Brice
.Melanie Brice 22 Jan 2019

That's a lot of money. Depends on the following
1) how much you want it
2)if you have the funds available

Amy Vigor-Green
Amy Vigor-Green 22 Jan 2019

Our venue was more than others we looked at but none compared to it. It all depends on what you are wanting tho. Would you be happy elsewhere or would you be thinking 'if only' afterwards?! Also can afford it and be happy paying the extra and if it's what you want then I say go for it!!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 22 Jan 2019

Kathy Deane
Kathy Deane 22 Jan 2019

1.. Can you afford it?
2.. Would you regret having/not having it
3.. What would you compromise on to have it?

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 22 Jan 2019

Ouch. I would say probably too much but I am only spending 2500 on my venue hire 🤣

laura mckinlay
laura mckinlay 22 Jan 2019

Depends what's included with it we've got our venue for £4300 for 63 day and 120 evening guests we get 3 course meal and 3 drinks pp aswell as evening buffet and welcome drinks plus the full venue is decorated for us in our choice of colour with dance floor and centre pieces and we get a room on the night with breakfast and 12 months gym pass so if it's all included go for it if not price up your extras to see if you can really afford it x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 22 Jan 2019

For me yes it was worth it but it all depends on your own circumstance I suppose! Tbh as long as your happy with the day nothing else matters xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 22 Jan 2019

I think it depends, my prefect wedding venue was way way over priced just for hire and wine for the table then I’d have to sort all the rest of it myself. Although I love the venue no way am I paying that much for so little.

I have ended up going somewhere that is cheaper and had everything included in the price. It’s still a beautiful venue but partner loves it even more than the first. I will be adding lots of vintage and quirky touches to make it perfect and it will still cost so much less.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 Jan 2019

We didnt think we could afford our venue, but choosing a thursday means its more than half the price than a weekend. Would have been even cheaper in low season. Maybe consider a weekday?

Laurisa Kerr
Laurisa Kerr 23 Jan 2019

my venue is 3600 but that includes food for 70 adults 12 children half a bottle per head dj bar hair and eaving buffet red carpet and a free night stay for bride and groom. it depend on the deal is it just venue have u got the budget and what makes u happy

Shakira Badwal
Shakira Badwal 23 Jan 2019

I think if you can afford it then yes. If it's going to go on a credit card or make you tight for cash then it's not worth it.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 Jan 2019

If you can afford it and it won’t put you in debt, then yes! At the end of the day we are all financially different - some may earn £20K a year others £50K só spending £50 versus £500 can feel differently for us... go with your heart AND purse strings

Devan Cresswell
Devan Cresswell 23 Jan 2019

For me, if you love it go for it, it’s one day and you want it to be perfect and if it means spending more then so be it. The main thing is can you afford it. Personally I don’t like it when people go well I only paid this much, or you can do it cheaper because I feel thats gloating. We’re all different and we all want different things. My venue is gonna cost £8-£10 grand but that’s want we wanted and it has everything included and we have a large number of people coming to the evening. Like I said if you can afford it go for it, don’t be pressured into doing something else just because it’s cheaper

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 Jan 2019

Our venue was £6.5k for 60 day time with food and alcohol package, and street food for 120 on the evening. That was on a Thursday so was slightly cheaper than a weekend. Nothing could beat the atmosphere in that particular room when I walked in, and it was worth it just for the amazing photos (obvs a decent photographer helps too!). Like others have said, if its not going to put you in debt then go for it :)

Christina Branson
Christina Branson 23 Jan 2019

IMO I would find out what the cheaper venue is giving you and the more expensive venue is giving you and see if it is worth it. I know how u feel as my ideal venue is rather expensive for what its giving us but giving me less than 2 other venues and the cheapest venue is even giving me the most for my money. Venue 1 would be fine for us to have groom stay at home and bride at the venue. The cost of the wedding and venue, all in 1 location, is about £15,000 then a in house dj, not allowed external, and over night were talking another £1,000 then other things. then second cheapest things are about 1/2 the price but still expensive for what they are doing. The cheapest venue I am getting free accommodation on the night with a discount for my guests and free room if I have the wedding/reception on any day but Saturday food DJ and a few other bits in the price. While its not perfect it is better for my money.

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 23 Jan 2019

We have paid £4K for our venue but it covers almost everything
Dj, welcome drinks X2 half bottle of wine for each guest and campaign for speeches,, 4 course dinner, evening buffet, table Centers, cake stand plus a night in the hotel for me and h2b.

Chelsea-Anne Horrocks
Chelsea-Anne Horrocks 24 Jan 2019

Don't write it of just yet,see of its cheaper during the week or in certain mo the first. Then compare it to other venues, decide if what you would get there is worth paying more for. We only viewed one venue because we fell in love with it, we did find cheaper but they didn't give us the same feeling. So we just put our wedding back a year to make sure that we could comfortable pay it off. We was happy to do that as it meant that we had the venue we wanted, the star that we wanted and they locked the price in x

Jessica Pearce
Jessica Pearce 25 Jan 2019

This is a hard one, that is a lot of money and the venue is a big part of your wedding. I guess the first question would be can you afford it?
Secondly, have you fallen in love with it that much that you will not regret sticking to this first venue?
Thirdly I would also first look at everything else you are doing for your wedding, can you get a better photographer, if you haven't can you now include a photo booth or can you do something more with the favours for the guests making them more special, personalised etc ... if you want these other things and this 4K will take some of that away, will it be worth it?

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 25 Jan 2019

if you can afford it yes or don't mind sacrificing something else my venue hire is £500 and looking at another £5000 for all the food and 3 drinks for day guests and 1 drink for evening guests x I did hope for some else but it was £5000 for a empty room I soon came to my senses xx


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