UKbride Member Request 18 Jan 2019

Tissington hall

Has anyone ever got married at Tissington hall or know how many people you can have around a table there? Unfortunately we can't get to look around at the moment and I'm just trying to invision the layout etc. I've tried looking on Google and their website can't work out table sizes! Any help would be greatly appreciated. And I'd you got married there what was your day like? Xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Jan 2019

From their photos on Google it looks like 8 round a table, they look like the same size round tables from venues I have set up, they can squeeze in 10 but I would only do this if there is children at the table as it can be quite tight.

Lisa Brooks
Lisa Brooks 18 Jan 2019

Hi might be better ringing the venue and asking as my venue said you could get 12 around the tables but it would be a tight fit they recommended 8 to 10 and they were right had enough room without be to much and no one was squashed they do weddings all the time so they are best people to ask xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 19 Jan 2019

Ask them. They will know. There's different size rounds. We had 8 or 10 round a table at our venue. The larger ones can take 12 but it's usually tight. As has already been said.


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