Hayley Newman
Hayley Newman 13 Jan 2019

Wedding Videography

I hadn’t really thought about wedding videography until recently. I’m just wondering if anyone knows of anyone just starting out that wants to expand their portfolio - who would therefore charge a lower cost? Getting married in Hertfordshire.

Rachael Lee
Rachael Lee 15 Jan 2019

We are! We are photographers & currently learning videography. Pop me a message over!


Helen Bytheway
Helen Bytheway 15 Jan 2019

ask at your local college or university for final year students wanting to build a portfolio

Matilda Harding
Matilda Harding 15 Jan 2019

Agree with ^. They're helping you as well as you helping them. They're often just as amazing and take a lot of time and consideration to get things right x

Lisa McRavey
Lisa McRavey 15 Jan 2019

Cue the mustard were doing lower rates for a while to expand their portfolio? I looked at using them for that reason! xxxxx


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