Christie Wright
Christie Wright 1 Jan 2019

Venue questions

What questions do you wish you’d asked your venues before booking? E.g are we allowed to use candles?

Emily Catling
Emily Catling 1 Jan 2019

Generally speaking they are quite good at knowing what to tell you.
We really wanted fireworks (which we didn’t end up having) so we made sure to ask each venue x

Rachael Lee
Rachael Lee 1 Jan 2019

I believe some venues have noise restrictions all varying in time so I’d check this!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Jan 2019

Some venues I considered banned confetti (mostly paper, but some also ban natural) and high heels (the latter being a historic venue), if you can extend the time/bar, if you can provide your own drinks (corkage fee). Can you have exclusive use, if so, what are the conditions (such as hiring all the bedrooms).If not exclusive use, how many other events on the day? Payment schedule - most are standard, but it's still worth asking so you understand. How long they hold a provisional booking.Do they have recommended suppliers?

Here's a quite good list:

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Jan 2019

Definitely double check sound restrictions way before the day. We were lucky as my Dad's band played and were experienced in the system in place but other DJs etc may not have been and if the noise goes over a certain level it would basically stop the whole party.
Another thing we would have checked is the time that we had to be out of the venue by, we got married abroad so no issues there but our venue for a party in the UK lead us to believe we would end the evening at 12am and then clean up etc however we were notified on the evening that we needed to be cleaned up and out by 12am, this meant our guests had to help with the clean up and removal of decorations. It did put a slight damper on the evening!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Jan 2019

Wow some of them i didnt even tgink about. Planning gets more stressful and harder as the days go by

Rebecca Chappell
Rebecca Chappell 1 Jan 2019

Ask about the use of plugs, everything we plugged in to our venue (lighting etc) had to be PAT tested. This is understandable and was fine but I hadn't realised before I signed contract.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 2 Jan 2019

Our venue wanted our suppliers to have a certain amount of public liability insurance to protect the venue so could be worth checking. The time you would have access to the venue in the morning is important too because suppliers need to know when they can get in. Lots of venues will make you sign a contract that gives all of these details so you could always ask to see it before you make a commitment either way just to check there is nothing that’s a surprise

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 2 Jan 2019

I ended up having 3 different coordinators who didn’t communicate with eachother. I’d ask who I’d be dealing with and asking if they would be around on the day.

Gemma Barrington
Gemma Barrington 2 Jan 2019

I googled lots of questions that I should be asking. Things such as do they allow confetti, is there a sound limiter on the speakers, what one do guests need to leave etc x


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