Sarah Suthers
Sarah Suthers 25 Nov 2018

Any ideas on a budget wedding?

Any ideas on a budget wedding?

Cheran Bellamy
Cheran Bellamy 26 Nov 2018

Get married abroad, that’s what I’m doing!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Nov 2018

Were only paying for the venue and food. Everything else were making oursleves or calling in favours from friends and family. So managing ti keep costs low.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Nov 2018

All you need to do is go to the registry office and get married. Everything else is just trimmings.

Meghan McCrimmon
Meghan McCrimmon 26 Nov 2018

So, we're doing our wedding on a pretty tight budget (around £7k,not including my dress, 60-70 ppl for the day, around 120 in evening).
- church ~£500
- venue, village hall ~£500
- caterers: day, vintage tea, £1200,evening, hog roast £900.
- band £900
-photographer £650
- bar: we bought our own wine for about £300 and the bar hire was free for the evening do.
- cake £200
Flowers not sure yet, £3-400.
Groom is hiring his own suits and I'm buying my own dress. We are designing out own wedding invitations.
Basically, if you're up for doing a lot of it yourself and organising your own catering etc, you'll save a load. If you're not up for all that, keep your guest list small.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Nov 2018

Function room hire we paid £150 at a lovely golf club. £50 extra for them to do chair covers and bows. Catering for afternoon tea £10 a head for our wedding breakfast. Hotpot and soup in the evening £12 a head. We were also able to bring our own wine but a corkage fee of £3 a bottle but it was still cost effective than there wine. We paid the venue all in all around £1700 and got value for money indeed.

Stephanie Rees
Stephanie Rees 26 Nov 2018

We’re doing ours for a total of £5k. 17 people including us. Nonexclusive hire of hotel to do the ceremony and reception, wedding breakfast provided as part of hotel hire. Fake flowers from etsy (i dont see the point in spending loads on some that will die !) candles etc from ikea (get creative), rented suit, bridal suite proved as part of the hotel hire. Shop around for photographers, and dont get the incredibly expensive books they do, find someone who will give tou the photos on a drive and then you can make your own. I was cheeky and didnt mention ‘wedding’ When getting our cake (this added £100 automatically, which for a £40 cake was crazy). Registrar fees are more expensive than you think ! We put some money behind the bar, then the rest is paid for by the guests when they want a drink.

Julye Fellows
Julye Fellows 26 Nov 2018

My second wedding we asked guests to bring their own picnic lol. X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Nov 2018

I got married a month ago and spent £700 - best couple of days of my life

Hubby clothes from matalan
Mine from high street shops
Flowers mum and I did including burton holes
Registry office £128
Banns £70
Reception £280 including a carvery meal

Mum did my cake
God mother did my hair and makeup
Photographer was a family friend

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Sarah Pollard
Sarah Pollard 26 Nov 2018

Village hall for Friday nite , all day Saturday & Sunday morning clean up = £250 !! Bridesmaid made the cake as wedding present , we did our own real wedding flowers all for £150 covering 8 bouquets , 22 buttonholes & 14 pitcher jugs of flowers ! All 7 bridesmaids dresses in at £200 , wedding ring designed & made by me for £300 . Food @ £12.50 per person ..... Most expensive photography @ £1,000 but got a book , 5 mini books , usb stick in wedding box ......

beverley summerhill
beverley summerhill 26 Nov 2018

Find a venue with everything in including decor that's what I've done and we've saved a few grand

Enid Eggleton
Enid Eggleton 26 Nov 2018

Our budget was 10k but will likely be nearer 12k as a few things went over. It’s my dream wedding. We got lots of things for free or cheap so should probably be closer to 15k. ☺️

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Nov 2018

Got married a couple of weeks ago.
Registry Office / Community Room (on a Thursday) £195.00
Notice of Marriage £35 each
Flowers 4 x buttonholes, my bouquet, 2× Bridesmaids bouquets, fresh flowers made by me approx £40 (wore their own dresses although had got dresses for them at approx £30 each).
Men had black suits only had to buy waistcoats x4 @ £10 each, ties, hankies & cufflink sets 4 × £4.99
My dress £27.99 brought online. My shoes £10 in sale. Three course meal for 24 including about 10 bottles wine and 3 bottles prosecco £385.00
I made the cake (3 tier) approx £40 with icing.
Minibus for guests to be transported to/from ceremony room to pub where we had reception and drop off after reception £70
A few sundries such as tablecloths, runners, serviettes and flowers for tables and sweet boxes £80
So all in all about £950
Everyone said what a lovely day it was. On top of the above our Photographer did our photo's as a stepdaughter's husband is a wedding photographer.....that would have been worth over £500.
This was my 3rd marriage so have already had a 'White Wedding' and also an outdoor wedding.....this time it was relaxed and what we both wanted, it was perfect and we couldn't have asked for a better day....even the sun shone on us :-)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 27 Nov 2018

Luke Bruins

Samantha Cole
Samantha Cole 27 Nov 2018

Cheapest I've found for everything included was around 4k but looking into things myself and it's gonna nearer 1.5 k. Things like artificial flowers ( fella has bad sinuses, and they last longer 😁) bout £50 for bouquet, button holes and bridesmaids and then about tenner for some fake rose heads from eBay to decorate tables.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Nov 2018

We are having a budget wedding, registry office £275 for a Saturday then the reception with everything included is £1700 a friend is doing the photos and we decided not to have cars to just go in a taxi, for the sit down meal we are only inviting family so there's only 20 people and then everyone else can come to the evening reception x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Nov 2018

U getting married Sam xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 29 Nov 2018

Budget wedding suck!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 29 Nov 2018

Pubs usually do a free reception for a certain amount put down on the bar.
My reception will be in a pub, they seat 130 ppl and provide food. Deposit it 120, 40 is kept for a cleaning fee and 80 is returned the day after the ceremony.

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 3 Dec 2018

It's only as expensive as you want xx doing a lot yourself keeps costs down


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