UKbride Member Request 16 Nov 2018

On our big day the most important thing to us is celebrating with friends...

On our big day the most important thing to us is celebrating with friends and family. But we do have a gift list just in case anyone would like to get us a gift. Would you include that information on the evening invites as well as the all day ones? Or just on the day ones?

Francine Quartey
Francine Quartey 16 Nov 2018

You shouldn’t really expect guests to but you gifts!!!! But it’s your Choice I definitely don’t expect gifts from other people or guests that are attending our wedding. It don’t feel right. But that’s just me

Natasha Luck
Natasha Luck 16 Nov 2018

We just did day but some evening guests asked so we gave it separately to them 🙂 xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 16 Nov 2018

We gave a list. We didn’t expect anything but having been to weddings where there is no list it’s really hard to know what to give and the couple just end up with random stuff they may or may not like. Better to have a list so it’s things you know you like and need/want

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 16 Nov 2018

None! If someone asks if you have a list then by all means tell them but don’t put it on your invites anywhere. It’s the ultimate in bad etiquette. Sorry, I’m old fashioned.

Lisa Reynolds
Lisa Reynolds 17 Nov 2018

We only put it on day invites, must evening guests asked or gave money.

Charley Andrew
Charley Andrew 17 Nov 2018

Didn't put anything in our invites as we didn't want or expect anything. Each to their own though xx

Eanna Roberts
Eanna Roberts 17 Nov 2018

We've refused gifts for ours. It's not fair on the guests that won't be able to afford them. Plus, we really don't want all the usual wedding gifts. They'll probably just stay in boxes anyway.

Michelle Croxford
Michelle Croxford 17 Nov 2018

We didn’t put a gift list in atall.... or 1 of those poems politely asking for money... it just didn’t feel right. I’m sure you’ll find some people will ask you what you want so you could mention items to them then.x

Laura Fraser
Laura Fraser 17 Nov 2018

You can send them out with your day invites. I love how uppity people get. Every wedding I have ever been to has had a gift list. It’s completely normal !

Rebecca Fletcher
Rebecca Fletcher 17 Nov 2018

Some people are incredibly pretentious and judgy 😂😂This poor bride probably feels awful after all the negativity in these comments. The amount of family and friends that have asked what they can buy us as a wedding gift. Of course we don't expect everyone to buy us something but those that do want to get a gift have mentioned they want to buy something useful and needed rather than guessing. Personally I'm not having a gift list and have spoken to those asking individually however, as a guest, if there was a link or mention of a gift list I wouldn't see this as bad manners.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 17 Nov 2018

I’m not really sure how they work , surely if you gave a gift list you could end up with 2 lots of something or more on that list of the same thing ? It’s your wedding though you do what makes you happy

Caroline Larner
Caroline Larner 17 Nov 2018

I'd say day invites only. I know some people hate gift lists etc. but I think most people attending a wedding want to give the bride and groom a littel token so better to know what to get rather than duplicates or something you don't need. As the evening guests are only there for a few hours I would say that it's bad etiquette to include gift list information on their invites though. We didn't for our evening guests as I said their company was gift enough but some of them still bought us a voucher or gave us some money which was really sweet :-)


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