laura mckinlay
laura mckinlay 18 Aug 2018

Hi I just wanted people's opinions on top table seating? Who would you have?...

Hi I just wanted people's opinions on top table seating? Who would you have? My mother will be attending and giving me away but my father won't be attending and my h2b has a step mother and step father and his mum and dad DONT get along I really don't know what to do please help xxx

Anni Banyard
Anni Banyard 19 Aug 2018

At my sisters wedding she had a similar situation with her partners parents and step parents. I sat next to his dad, the Mum was put at the other end of the table with her son (who was best man) my mum was on her own as well so sat between me and the FIL. Step parents where then sat on different tables but with people they know and get on with (including step siblings) I hope this helps. Just remember it’s your day and so everyone should be able to support you both and put personal differences aside x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Aug 2018

I was in the same as you when I got married so I had
Usher, motg my husband me my mum his step dad my step dad me his dad step mum

Nicole Gomer
Nicole Gomer 20 Aug 2018

You could have a sweetheart table with just you two, and put family on tables seated with people they are comfortable with

Amy Vigor-Green
Amy Vigor-Green 20 Aug 2018

We are having just us and the MOH and best man. All parents are on their own tables x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Aug 2018

Our parents are all hosting tables - my parents aren’t together so will be on separate
Partners mum and dad are together and sitting together
We are sitting as a four with our two daughters
Can I just be honest though- don’t worry too much - someone will always be unhappy with the seating
It’s actually been the most stressful part
If my partners family got on better I’d of said no seating plan at all but we’ve had to make sure certain people don’t sit together or near each other
Sit with who you want too x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Aug 2018

Mine was a nightmare to figure out! My mum has recently lost her partner and my dad had a partner but mum and dad don’t get on. And my htb mum is married again as is his dad, and also don’t get along, so we cut it all out and just had me, htb, our four children, and bridesmaid and best man on the end. Remember it’s your day and it’s ok to break with tradition, especially if tradition doesn’t suit this situation! X

Celine Harland
Celine Harland 20 Aug 2018

We didn't have any family dynamic issues but opted for just the wedding party at top table with the 2 tables directly in front of us having my husband's immediate family on one and mine on the other. My grown up son had given me away

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Aug 2018

We had a situation where my top table would be very lop sided as my htb parents are divorced and remarried, so we decided we are going to have us, our son, my maid of honour and his 2 ‘best men’ at the top table, everyone else is arranged on the guest tables

Angela Harris
Angela Harris 21 Aug 2018

Not having a ‘top table’ , tables will all be circular. With 2 spare chairs at each so we (bride and groom) ,have the opportunity to move round during our afternoon tea reception.

Abbey Lawson
Abbey Lawson 21 Aug 2018

We are just having is two on the top table :)

Jannette Taylor
Jannette Taylor 21 Aug 2018

We have a similar situation, so we are going to just have a table for the 2 of us, then the 2 tables closest to us will hold family and the bridal party and all that so that people can still give speeches easily

Jody Marie
Jody Marie 21 Aug 2018

I’m having myself and partner in the middle with each of our children either side of us and the two bridesmaids on the end. It’s only for pictures and meals then everyone will move around. No parents on our top table because of similar reasons above. X

Lucy Glew
Lucy Glew 21 Aug 2018

Just have the 2 of u 🙂

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Aug 2018

We're having all parents, step parents & grandparents on their own table. Luckily my fiance's parents can be civil to each other. Our top table will be us, my fiance's 2 sons, 2 bridesmaids, best man and fiance's brother (groomsman if u like)

Courtney Cox
Courtney Cox 21 Aug 2018

We had our son between us, my partner had his 2 best men his side and I had my maid of honour and bridesmaid my side! Had three family tables at the front, one with my dads side, one with my mums side and one with my partners family (my parents are split- although they get on, I didn’t want to put them on the top table leaving the rest of their respective sides. Thought it was important for them to all be together to enjoy it)

Enid Eggleton
Enid Eggleton 21 Aug 2018

I’m having bridesmaids and groomsmen at the top table. No parents.

laura mckinlay
laura mckinlay 21 Aug 2018

Aww thanks everyone think I'm gonna stick to me my h2b and maid of honour/best man thankyou for your input really appreciate it xxx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 22 Aug 2018

Me an my husband just had us and our 2 children on the top table, best thing we ever done. We got to sit back enjoy our time together and we got to enjoy watching everyone else having a good time x


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