UKbride Member Request 9 Aug 2018

I need your help/advise in where I stand. So me and my partner decided to...

I need your help/advise in where I stand. So me and my partner decided to cancel our venue that we booked in November as it was getting too expensive and if I’m honest I didn’t want to put pressure on my partner. So anyway we found something along our budget and went ahead and cancelled the other one (our wedding isn’t until November 2019) My partner said he got some money back in his account from the venue but it wasn’t the deposit of £2400 but £240 so he assumed they missed a zero! I emailed to let them know and that’s when she told me that our £2400 deposit was non refundable ???? when I replied she informed me it was in the terms and conditions which I signed but I didn’t have a copy of them so we couldn’t look beforehand. I mean we obviously wouldn’t of cancelled if we knew were going to loose so much money! I’m so upset,it’s a lot of money to us but my partner is saying we should just take it on the chin and to be more careful next. My sister thinks I should seek advice? What would you do? I can’t imagine how many people they have done it to,I can understand if it’s a few hundred pounds but it isn’t. Thank you for reading ????

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 9 Aug 2018

Hi I would make enquiries at the Citizens Advice Bureau good luck :)


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