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Hi guys need some help as I don't know what to go for on my wedding day like...

Hi guys need some help as I don't know what to go for on my wedding day like I picture it like a princess style wedding but I am open to any suggestions i also don't know about my dress any help please completely lost .

Jada Afflick
Jada Afflick 23 Jul 2018

Go for what your heart feels and I think you'll know you've found the right dress when you see it you'll feel it in your heart x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 24 Jul 2018

Hi I would try on a few different styles to see what style suits you first then seriously start looking :)

Amy Vigor-Green
Amy Vigor-Green 24 Jul 2018

Look thru the racks and pull out what catches your eye. Until you try the styles you won't know for sure x

Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts 24 Jul 2018

Try on every style, even if you think you won't like it. They can look very different to what you imagine when you have them on and it might surprise you what you end up liking. As for the style of your wedding, have a look at this link and see if anything takes your fancy, mix and match if you like more than one, my sil is having a very traditional wedding but then the theme for the invites and table plan are beauty and the beast and her tables are all Marvel/Disney themed. Have a think about what your favorite things are and incorporate them somewhere, my cake was one of the reveal style and was a traditional cake at the front and then star wars at the back x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 Jul 2018

It's why you try dresses on. Just go with an open mind

Vanda Kaminski
Vanda Kaminski 24 Jul 2018

Have you picked your date and venue yet? Your venue choice can help guide your overall theme for the day which also helps with the style and fabric choices for your dress.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 Jul 2018

I would suggest working out how many people you are expecting to invite, less than 50, over 100 etc. That will help you decide on venues for wedding and reception and maybe set the tone. You wouldn't necessarily want to wear a massive heavy ball gown if your getting married on a beach. Once you decide the venues I think you will start to picture what kind of wedding you want.

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 25 Jul 2018

If you have a Wed 2 Be close by, go there and try on different styles

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 Jul 2018

Try picking a colour scheme first then things to tie in with that as for dresses look through magazines and online for idea but go a try a selection x

Nicola Sadler
Nicola Sadler 25 Jul 2018

Berketex bride is a good one to try for a dress. They have sales on and that’s where I found my dream dress with the help of the lady there who encourag d me to try one I wouldn’t of chosen and it was ‘The one’ 🙂

Nichola Latham
Nichola Latham 25 Jul 2018

Go to a few wedding shows. They have lots of ideas and they are normally shown at the wedding venues so get to look around them at the same time.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 Jul 2018

We had an idea of what kind of wedding we wanted but we viewed other venues that would provide a different option to be sure. Dress wise I had my heart set on one dress. Wasn't til I tried on other styles (even ones I'd said no too straight away when my mum pulled them out) that I actually ended up with the dress I'd initially refused to try on. X

Caroline Larner
Caroline Larner 26 Jul 2018

Go to a bridal shop and try on different silhouettes. Any decent shop will be able to hone your choices down until you find the right silhouette for you, then you just need to find the design you like. There are so many different styles now that it can be confusing but the only way to decide is to try them on. Good luck!

Sally Horrocks
Sally Horrocks 26 Jul 2018

Try a few different dresses and don't rule anything out. Am a total tom boy and my dress is a proper princess dress I didn't really want to try on.

Gwyneth Bland
Gwyneth Bland 26 Jul 2018

Go on ebay ,I got mine on there.Secondhand but good condition.

Dina Gregory
Dina Gregory 28 Jul 2018

we are being different yes purple theme but also having cowboy/girl theme. im small so will have tea length dress also will show of my cowgirl boots (people think it sounds horrible but if google some images its not). If you want a princess theme go for it i know someone who had a disney theme where all guests went as their favorite character x

Dina Gregory
Dina Gregory 28 Jul 2018

i love this princess dress and was going to have this (well something very similar as it was going to be handmade) bit like cinderellas dress x

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