UKbride Member Request 23 Jul 2018

My hen night is in a months time. My bridesmaid can't go because she's...

My hen night is in a months time. My bridesmaid can't go because she's working which I've accepted. But my sister's can't go because they can't afford it. I don't know what to do. I don't want a hen night without my sisters we are really close and they mean a lot to me. It's in Manchester and they live in Newcastle. So it's travel cost, hotel cost and the actual dinner and night itself. I can't change the date cause everyone else has booked time off and changed plans. I could change the city but then everyone else has to spend more on travel and cancel hotels and such. I've thought about going to visit for a weekend and doing something with just my sister's but my holidays are maxed out at work because of the wedding and honeymoon. I'm just bummed out and need a bit of advice.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 23 Jul 2018

What about you offer to help with their expenses?

Kelly McKee
Kelly McKee 24 Jul 2018

Would they be able to stay with friends once they are with you?

Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts 24 Jul 2018

Could they double up in one of the rooms? Ask for a couple of extra blankets and sleep on the floor maybe? X

.Melanie Brice
.Melanie Brice 24 Jul 2018

Can your hen night not be held closer to them? Compromise maybe.

Abbey Flint
Abbey Flint 24 Jul 2018

Have two? Have the one already booked and then arrange a special hen night for just you and your sisters?

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 Jul 2018

I hate to be the one to say it, but you can’t solve every problem that comes your way all by yourself. They have to have a bit of accountability for the situation. It’s not like they didn’t know there wasn’t going to be a hen do, and I’ve yet to go to one that was reasonably priced.
Sometimes these things just aren’t meant to be. If they can’t afford it, and you can’t afford to get them over for it, then it’s not going to happen. It’s not because of any malicious reason, it’s the way the world works. Yes, it’s very sad they won’t be there with you, but other people will be and you will still have a great time. You can do something with your sisters another time.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 Jul 2018

Have two hen nights?! It doesn’t have to be expensive... a pyjama party, games and a takeaway? It’s all about creating memories, it doesn’t matter if it’s not all tied into one night x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 Jul 2018

Can't they stay with you or friends in the area? That negates the hotel costs

Bethany-Rose Hughes
Bethany-Rose Hughes 24 Jul 2018

Have two.. one you’ve already booked for those who can make it. Then another close to home - go for a meal decorate the room and have a few banners up and balloons. Cheap easy to do and people can spend what they like. Be nice to have the older generation there too if you have Nan’s or Mothers/Mother in laws that aren’t coming to the Hen do!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 Jul 2018

Bethany, is the hotel in Preston not going to work out?

Bethany Smith
Bethany Smith 24 Jul 2018

Thanks for all the advice guys!! Really appreciate the positive feedback :)

We managed to sort everything out without having to change too much. They'll be getting Megabus down instead of trains and just cancelled the hotels and decided to get the last train/bus back to Preston from Manchester. I'd rather have the night cut a little shorter than have my sister's not be there. You've all been fab. Thank you so much :)

Julia Sweetman
Julia Sweetman 24 Jul 2018

Maybe do another hen do with them more low key? X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 Jul 2018

Can they not crash at yours??

Abbey Lawson
Abbey Lawson 24 Jul 2018

They've known you're getting married a while now right? So why haven't they saved.. surely people know these days you are likely to have to spend something if you are going to a family members wedding?! Least that's how I would think if I was them.. x

JoJo Russell
JoJo Russell 25 Jul 2018

You’re lucky you have some friends to go on a hen night with. I have no sisters and I don’t see friends from one year to the next so a hen night for me seems pointless

Zara maria Montgomery
Zara maria Montgomery 18 Aug 2018

Why didn't you just have it local....then everyone is happy!


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