UKbride Member Request 21 Jul 2018

Hey all, My wedding is about 8 months away and had some amazing news that...

Hey all, My wedding is about 8 months away and had some amazing news that my bridesmaid is gonna have a little bubba and is due the week before the wedding.. so no longer gonna be me bridesmaid.. which is no problems at all.. but now I’m not sure whether or not to ask someone else? I don’t want them to feel like Second best.. I always struggled with the choice of bridesmaid.. my mum was don’t worry we will find you another bridemaid.. I feel bad asking someone to be my bridesmaid as I don’t want to put anyone out like they have to do loads if that makes sense.. I feel like anyone being my bridesmaid would be a burden on them

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 21 Jul 2018

Hi My bridesmaid has not lifted a finger to help at all :)

Millie Purvis
Millie Purvis 22 Jul 2018

Your new bridesmaids don’t have to do loads, you can just say that when your asking them that you understand if they are to busy to help but you’d still like them close on your big day :)

Belinda Ann Welbourne
Belinda Anne Bingley 23 Jul 2018

Personally I wouldn't ask someone else I mean if shoe was on other foot wouldn't you feel second best , If you have other bridesmaids I'd just settle with thongs as they are your still have an amazing wedding and also celebrate your friends new baby
Good luck x

sarah carwshaw
sarah carwshaw 23 Jul 2018

It's not a burden it's a privilege to be asked!! X

Danika O'Connor
Danika O'Connor 23 Jul 2018

I wouldn’t ask someone else, just have one less. Surely she’s irreplaceable?

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 Jul 2018

I don't think you have to have another to replace her

Sam Leckey
Sam Leckey 23 Jul 2018

It depends on how many you have. If you have multiple i wouldn't replace her, but if she is your only bridesmaid then I think everyone will understand and they will be happy to step into the role. It comes down to your relationship with the person you ask and also what you expect them to do. However if you are asking them to be your bridesmaid I'm guessing they are as excited for your wedding as you are, and therefore won't mind helping you xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 Jul 2018

I’ve not had help from my bridesmaids and I had to fire one (long story) but didn’t replace her

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 Jul 2018

Found out recently that one of my beautiful bridesmaids is due 4 days after my wedding! It was also suggested by some people that I could ask someone else, but honestly there isn’t anyone else I would want to take her place! She has assured me that unless she’s had the baby or is in actual labour she will absolutely be there ha ha, but if she’s there she there, if not she’ll be there in spirit And i wouldn’t want anyone filling her shoes ️

In your case though, just do what feels right! A friend of mine asked one of her bridesmaids a year after the rest, and if there is someone you really wanted but couldn’t have for one reason or another, why not? If they are a true friend they would never feel burdened by it and would understand when you explained to them - good luck! Xx

Dina Gregory
Dina Gregory 28 Jul 2018

one of my bridesmaids ent doing it now so we asked my partners other sister (our wedding not till 2021 so was still in process of organising who bridal and groom party will be) when she said no i said i will just leave it at the 5 we still have but if they cant do it for whatever reason between now onwards we wont replace them (even though there is loads of people who want to be bridesmaid)
choice is yours though x


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