UKbride Member Request 17 Jul 2018

Would anyone recommend having a videographer? And if you didn’t have one...

Would anyone recommend having a videographer? And if you didn’t have one was there any regrets on not having one? We’re just over 2 months away from our wedding and initially thought we didn’t want one, now I’m not sure if we’d regret not having it filmed! TIA x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 17 Jul 2018

Hi we are not having one as we can't afford one :)

Charlotte Palmer
Charlotte Palmer 18 Jul 2018

Were not having a videographer, just loads of photos lol xxx

Kayleigh E Alman
Kayleigh E Alman 18 Jul 2018

My photographer can do slow-mo videos on his camera (probably like most photographers) so he said he would do some of them for the precious moments (first kiss as man and wife) (first dance) etc etc, I think a photographer is more than enough because guests I’m sure will take videos!! Xxx

Gemma Harris
Gemma Harris 18 Jul 2018

You will 100% not regret getting a videographer if you can afford one. Moving images give so much more than photos.

Emma Carlen
Emma Carlen 18 Jul 2018

We are 100% having a videographer! Moving images tell a whole different story and capture the emotion in another way. It's expensive but will be so worth it! You can't do your wedding day over again, and just by spending a little more now (in the grand scheme of things) you will have a beautiful wedding video to cherish forever ❤️

Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor 18 Jul 2018

Best thing we did was our videographer. Such a more special memory than photos, really captures the day. We had Ground Films and it was AMAZING (can see on my profile, think it is public!) - we also weren't 100% happy with our photos, so its an extra layer. We don't mind as much because we have a stunning video

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Jul 2018

If you can afford it, have one. If not, see if you have any friends with go pro cameras and attach them to various members of the wedding party throughout the day to capture some video.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Jul 2018

That's my biggest regret, not having one. I really wish I could see our vows!

Michelle Rew
Michelle Rew 18 Jul 2018

I read so many people when I was first planning mine saying that they wouldn't be without theirs and it was high up on the "must have" list.... I didn't book one and refuse to pay any more out so close, but like you I did start wondering. So instead of paying out silly money on top of everything else, I've asked a friend to film it, we have a gopro so he can either use that or his phone, won't cost me a penny but will have a record of the good bits. I figure for how often we will sit and watch it over the years, it'll be good enough to trigger our memories xx

Sharon Baker
Sharon Baker 18 Jul 2018

We have just got our photos and vids married a month watch it back is abs awesome, seeing bits we cldnt see whilst taking vows etc. It was like our day over and over again....worth the money if u can...u won't regret it. Good luck.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Jul 2018

I’m having one and I did think about leaving it but with having two little kids I wanted something the can watch when they are older as they won’t remember it so it made me more determined to have one

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Jul 2018

Videographer for the full day and photographer with full printed album were my 2 must haves for our wedding. They were on our to do list before I even wrote down dress etc. We don't regret having either at all. Our daughter loves watching the dvd over and over too. It's been 5yrs since and she'll still watch it. It's great for showing grandparents etc too who couldn't make it. Xxx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Jul 2018

We got married at the weekend and had the whole day filmed. I’m so excited to see it as I know we missed parts of the day. I know we won’t regret it. X

Sarah Pollard
Sarah Pollard 18 Jul 2018

Look @ your friends that are arty & creative .... One of my girlfriends kindly did so .... Haven't seen it yet but looking forward !!
Warm wishes for your special day

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Jul 2018

I love our video. I wasn’t too bothered it’s wonderful. The day is so hectic you forget bits of the ceremony but we can watch it again any time

Amy Eager
Amy Eager 18 Jul 2018

Absolutely hated the idea of having a videographer. h2b wanted one. I spoke to my friends and those who didn't have one regretted not getting one.
Ended up with a budget for a videographer - completely blew it and I can't wait 😂

Tilly Hebbes
Tilly Hebbes 18 Jul 2018

My older sister didn't get one so my fiancé and I secretly filmed parts of the day with the intention of making a video (using iPhones to record). Afterwards, she said she wished she had one so we sent her the footage. She is still watching these weekly almost a year after the wedding xxx
PS we decided to book one after seeing how much she loves the video we made her xx

Donna Barber
Donna Barber 18 Jul 2018

My first wedding I didn’t but a family member discreetly filmed (it wasn’t very good) my husband then died and all I have is this film. So wish I videoed it and for my child to watch!
This time I have booked one! Will not make that mistake again, can watch on anniversaries. Etc then and kids can see x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Jul 2018

Hi we decided 10 weeks before our wedding to book a videographer and it was the best decision we made. I adore our video and would be gutted to not have those memories x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Jul 2018

We would absolutely recommend having one... the things that are in the video that I missed on the day or wasn’t there for and it made me remember the great moments... such a good memory to have. Our videographer was great too Gareth W Hughes such a great fun guy and we love our video!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Jul 2018

I’ve been married twice and had a videographer both times. It captures your day in a whole different way. My Dad has recently passed away and it’s lovely to be able to see and hear him on a day which I know he loved.

Victoria Jones
Victoria Jones 19 Jul 2018

We are having a videographer. I didn't want to regret it later down the line and it's something that will last forever. A photo captures a moment but a video brings it to life xxx

Caroline Larner
Caroline Larner 26 Jul 2018

We were in exactly the same position as you with 4 months to go. We ultimately decided to have one as we wanted to capture the ceremony and speeches as we know that we won't remember those parts in full due to nerves etc.! I used Bidvine to obtain quotes and asked on UK Bride for recommendations and ended up getting an all day package with drone footage and a highlights video to share on social media for £450, although we did have quotes as cheap as £350. We just didn't want to regret not doing it afterwards and everyone says that the day goes so fast that we wanted to capture it for prosperity.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 Aug 2018

I can highly recommend Harrison at !


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