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Hey brides! Anyone got any tips on saving money during a wedding? Still...

Hey brides! Anyone got any tips on saving money during a wedding? Still studying and budget is extremely tight... guest list keeps growing so that doesn’t help either???? all advice welcome please!!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Jul 2018

Decide on your budget and don’t let people pressure you to invite extra people. It’s your day and if they love you they’ll respect that. Decide in advance what you’re prepared to spend more on and what doesn’t matter. You can get so carried away on pretty stuff that you don’t really need. Some stuff is easy to do yourself other stuff more stress than it’s worth. It will be amazing just tell people upfront if you’re keeping it small or similar. Enjoy it goes so quickly. X

Belinda Ann Welbourne
Belinda Anne Bingley 13 Jul 2018

We've told people it's just close family and friends we've 60 on our guest list no extras for evening it means we could have the wedding we want without worrying about feeding people you hardly see just for the sake of it I found you have to be quote strict about it but people have understood x
Enjoy your planning and day x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Jul 2018

The site is really handy for money saving advice. Loads of guides and how to DIY stuff there. Be brutal with your guest list too!!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Jul 2018

Also if you look at DIY'ing stuff don't assume it's cheaper than buying.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Jul 2018

Artificial flowers, make ur own invitations, diy anything u can. That's what we're doing

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Jul 2018

There’s so many ways to save money, it depends on where you don’t mind cutting corners. Photographers- there’s a company called big day productions that covers the entire U.K. and have packages that start from £250, you can also call local collages and get someone who’s studying photography, they like to get the experience and usually only costs about £100.
Wedding dress- wed2b have dresses that start from £99 and they really are beautiful, loads of high street stores now do bridal dresses and they can start from about £60
Decorations- fake flowers cost a hell of a lot less than real ones and there’s a lot of DIY ideas that cost next to nothing to make, think paper lanterns, glass jars etc
Bridesmaids dresses- search high street sales, charity shops, skirt and top sets usually work out cheaper too.
Food- if you’re having a sit down dinner don’t have the option of people getting extra wine etc, if you’re not having a sit down dinner a simple buffet is a great way to go.
Cake- if you have a friend or family member that’s good at baking ask if they mind doing your cake as your wedding gift or get one from a supermarket m&s do great ones that are only £35-45.
Good luck

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Jul 2018

If you do your own makeup you can get loads of samples from different makeup counters, they were so lovely when I went I got a full face of makeup in samples and they show you how to use it.

Guest list is probably the biggest one tho, if you can cut numbers do it, it's your day have the people you love the most and keep it at that... People might strop but it's your day!

We had 20 guests at ours, I did my makeup, my mum made the cake and we didn't do invites... It was THE BEST day and everyone who went had such an awesome time cos we had known each other for years! Do it your way :)

Michelle Sprules
Michelle Sprules 13 Jul 2018

EBay, hobbycraft and places like that are good. Don't be persuaded into doing what other people want. Set a budget and stick to it. Hope this helps and congratulations x

Lauren Doak
Lauren Doak 13 Jul 2018

Thank you so much girls! I will 100% be looking into each of these suggestions! xx

Beck Walker
Beck Walker 13 Jul 2018

One thing I have found planning my wedding in 3 weeks time is if you can decorate your own cake then never mention you want a wedding cake to people. I've asked for a plainly iced sponge and it works out so much cheaper especially as Im having flowers on mine used in the bouquets (fake obviously lol). Oh and I think the postman is fed up of deliverying my Ebay and Amazon goodies. Good Luck and hope all goes well x

Heather Hawkins
Heather Hawkins 13 Jul 2018

*Set menu's
*Make your own where possible. Invites etc
*invite who you want
*set a budget

Sarah Pollard
Sarah Pollard 13 Jul 2018

Ask any girlfriends who are talented in any area to Not buy a wedding present but Gift their talents towards making a wedding happen cheaply !!
My bridesmaid made the wedding cake for free & I just brought the ingredients .....
Another girlfriend is a talented artist & drew the humming birds design I had in my mind which I used for the service sheet & invite ....
Another girlfriend with a team of friends ran the vintage pop up cafe with drinks & cakes for all the extra people I couldn't afford to sit down meal to enjoy the mini party after the church service , all spilling out onto the grass ......
Got the cakes baked via ladies in village free from the buy nothing Facebook page that I'm in ( check to see if you have the free buy nothing page where folks give away items or their talents for nothing ) ...
Entered loads of competitions & won stuff for free .....
Got free make up samples from wedding fairs or shops ....
A team of arty friends helped to decorate the village hall ...
Used website & only paid £150 for wedding flowers & a girlfriend made the bouquets for me .....
Sales & charity shops & got bridesmaids dresses for only £7, £14 or £30 & dressed 5 girls for £200 in total = brand new & unused ....
January sales are the best if your wedding isn't until next year ...

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Jul 2018

Get married during the week and in winter months as it's a lot cheaper

Jordan Alexandra
Jordan Alexandra 13 Jul 2018

What ever you do stay true to what you desire

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Jul 2018

Do what you want to do, don’t listen to people saying who to invite, what to add etc etc. It is your day not theirs (unless they want to add people and are willing to pay for the extras you were never going to have/wanted)

Rachel Jackson
Rachel Jackson 14 Jul 2018

Don't look for wedding suppliers as prices are always far more, if you go for a wedding photographer you could be spending well over £1000 however there are hundreds of new photography graduates who are desperate for experience who are just as good and charge a fraction! Also don't get a wedding caterer but look for smaller companies who do smaller parties for a buffet. Make your own favours, invitations and table centres. Get friends to save old wine bottles and stick a candle in it or go to charity shops and buy old books for centre pieces. Invitations too I've found a graphic design graduate who is designing them for £30 and taking it to the printers which is costing far less than ordering set invitations and they'll be unique to us.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Jul 2018

Use friends/family who are happy to help with hair/make up/nails/wedding cake. Make your own invitations/table decs/favours/bouquets. Ive used wish app, amazon & e bay for a lot of my wedding stuff for next yr. Debenhams have a lovely wedding range for bride and bridemaids dresses and are low prices. Look for a venue where you can have your whole day at and dont worry about the day guests as the guests you cant invite for the day can come in the evening. Just remember its yours and your partners day and dont stress about who will moan about not being invited.


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