Jenna Driver
Jenna Driver 11 Jun 2018

How do you feel about including the photographer in the wedding...

How do you feel about including the photographer in the wedding breakfast? Also what do you think about a potential photographer asking for extra money to hire an asssistant for your wedding day? It's all a bit puzzling...

Laura Stewart
Laura Stewart 12 Jun 2018

Our chap I have paid for him and his colleague to have dinner, they just don’t sit with the main wedding

I paid extra to have a second photographer on the day, what are they saying you need the assistant for?

Amy Eager
Amy Eager 12 Jun 2018

Photographer and videographer will be included in ours. 9am until 2130 is a long time otherwise!!
Photographer asking for an assistant is a no... if he feels he needs one, he needs to cover that cost.
However we are choosing a videographer with an assistant so we are paying more. If they insisted then I wouldn't pay.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

As a photographer, I wouldn’t ask couples to pay for a meal for me or expect them to. If I am asked I politely decline the offer, it’s a break for me when couples eat and I always take my own food. As for an assistant, personally I don’t have one. If I was to use one I would cover the costs myself if it was a one off. However I feel that if a photographer has or needs an assistant this should already be reflected in their coatings.

Kayleigh Cunningham
Kayleigh Cunningham 12 Jun 2018

I gave our photographers the choice and they are wanting a bar meal while we have our wedding breakfast x

Sarah Pollard
Sarah Pollard 12 Jun 2018

Our photographer had an assistant we didn't pay for him ,
But in the village hall we did find them a separate room to recover in and paid for their lunch = they had time out there whilst we ate our food ......

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

So for our photographer, beautician and hairdresser ... they will all have lunch in the hotel but will charge to us ... none felt it was appropriate to be included in the wedding breakfast so that's a good compromise. x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

I paid for a light lunch for the photographer and videographer to have in the bar xx

Kayleigh E Alman
Kayleigh E Alman 12 Jun 2018

We are as it’s my partners best friend and our daughters god father x

Ellen Blossom
Ellen Blossom 12 Jun 2018

We've included ours in the meal, as we're not going to have lots of photos with people eating. However they've said that if there is a moment to catch then they will be on it. We're not being charged extra for assistants but everyone is different..

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

My other half is qualified in photography. The assistant should be covered in the initial cost and the photographer should not be included in the wedding breakfast but you can provide a bar meal if you really want to because the photographer is nothing to do with your friends and family so shouldn't expect to be treated as such.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

Our photographer bought an assistant with him but it was included in the price he quoted us We didn’t know about the meal arrangements either and we did include him in our seating plan and our numbers. We should have discussed it with him before hand but we didn’t. On the day when he arrived with an assistant I was mortified as I hadn’t paid for a meal for her or a seat, but he said ‘don’t be silly, it isn’t expected at all’. They both sat in the bar... they had bought their own food, but as we had paid for a meal they also shared what we had paid for x x x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

I think it's totally reasonable to provide some food for the photographer, as it's a long day, but I wouldn't allocate them a seat with the guests (unless somebody dropped out last minute). If they needed an assistant that should have been made clear in the costings at the beginning. If this IS the costings at the beginning, I guess it really depends what you're asking him/her to do. If it's a big wedding with hundreds of people it may just be too much to do it justice unless they have help. Also depends how much extra they're asking for. If it's 50 quid onto a £2000 bill I wouldn't quibble too much, but if they're asking for half again as much for an assistant for a 50-person wedding, I'd be telling them to jog on!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

My photographer and his wife are included in my wedding breakfast, but they have been family friends for longer than my 33 years on this earth so if he wasn't doing my photography, they would be probably coming anyway!!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

We’ve paid for our photographer and videographer to have meals during the wedding breakfast, simply because we get on so well with them.

Laura Nelms
Laura Nelms 12 Jun 2018

Ours gets a £20 bar voucher to use - i did say if someone doesnt turn up on day he will get their meal, im paying mine to stay the night at the hotel so he with us till late and he also lives over 400miles from our wedding. He offered another guy with him for an extra £150 for the day incase i wanted photos of groom getting ready etc but we felt it wasnt needed

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

My photographer bought his assistant included in the price, I did get offered a lower price for just him on his own though.
We offered to include both photographers in our wedding breakfast but they were looking for something lighter to eat and were going to bring packed lunches so I arranged for the hotel to do them some sandwiches and nibbles as a gesture, they didn't expect to be included in the seating plan and chose to sit by the bar out of the way X

Rachel Keegan
Rachel Keegan 12 Jun 2018

We asked our photographer about food and she said she takes her own packed lunch. We would have been happy to pay for her food but I wouldn’t include her in the seating plan, there is only going to be 19 of us so it would probably be quite awkward.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

We asked our photographer what the food protocol was. She ate in a separate room and I'm pretty sure our venue only charged us £10-£20 for her meal rather than the full cost of a guest. I wouldn't expect to pay extra for an assistant unless it had already been discussed previously

Anita O'Sullivan
Anita O'Sullivan 12 Jun 2018

We’ve offered to provide a meal for our photographer which he has accepted but he’s not been included in our numbers x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

Our photographers are Husband and Wife and have given us a set price for them to be with the Bride/Groom parties on the morning then join together during the day and have a fun photo booth for the evening. They have been offered a meal choice by ourselves...I don't expect them to work a 12-14 hour day on a snack in their car whilst we eat (which is what they normally do whilst the wedding breakfast is taking place). They are having the main course of our wedding breakfast at a reduced cost in another part of our venue. We have also told them to help themselves to the evening buffet if they are hungry in the eveing. They are so lovely and welcoming that they feel more like friends. Whats a meal for them when you have your whole day to enjoy and they capture your most intamate/precious moments from a day you never want to forget x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

Yes. We did. Its a gesture of good will anyway. Be abit poor to not give them a meal if they are staying a long time.

Jade Pelham
Jade Pelham 12 Jun 2018

Interested in this 😊

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

I asked our photographer and they declined as they said it was their chance of having a break in the quiet so I would ask them. Ours also had and assistant and didn't charge anymore z

Katy Robertson
Katy Robertson 12 Jun 2018

Daniel Sofield we need to sort photographer out!

Michaela Sharp
Michaela Sharp 12 Jun 2018

I am just paying for a light meal for my photographer my wedding breakfast is £99pp so it would just cost too much.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

My photographer had it in the contract she would bring her own food, and eat away from guests as and when, I told her to help herself to the food we had, but I'm not formal at all, so depends on your preference x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Jun 2018

We had two photographers and they ate the same food as us but in another area of the hotel, it wasn't expected but we offered.

Dina Gregory
Dina Gregory 12 Jun 2018

we just having a buffet meal and everone will be eating from there including the dj i know the people doing photography etc the only one i dont know is dj and i havent found a reasonable price videographer yet. if it wasnt for knowing people in the industries i would be lost aswell x

Kate Phillips
Kate Phillips 12 Jun 2018

It’s very normal to pay for the photographer to eat. In my price 2 photographers are included. If you only want one it’s an option. Most prefer a 2nd pair of hands or camera as they can get shots from different angles x

Michelle Palmer
Michelle Palmer 12 Jun 2018

Please pay for them to eat! Even if it’s just a snack! It really annoys me when I see them sneak off or a quick chocolate fix....!!!
You’ve hired them for most the day, FEED EM!!! X

Lucy Whatford
Lucy Whatford 12 Jun 2018

We have arranged a £20 bar tab for each of our suppliers that are with us all day for them to spend as they wish (drinks/light meal). The venue will refund us anything that hasn't been spent but I'm not expecting anything back. It's a long day with us, so we wanted to include something for them.

Alanna May
Alanna May 13 Jun 2018

Ours said she prefers not to be included as she can go have a quick bite and chill for five minutes


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