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I wonder if anyone has any advice? I have made the tough decision to not...

I wonder if anyone has any advice? I have made the tough decision to not invite my brother to my wedding but I keep changing my mind. We have never gotten along, even as children and now rarely see each other. My parents are not together, it didn’t end well at all and there are certainly bad feelings, and my brother has nothing to do with one of them or their side of the family at all after a few really bad arguments. They really hate each other and haven’t spoken for at least 3 or 4 years now. They can get really spiteful when talking about each other but I am close to this other family member and she will be at the wedding. I hear off my brother probably once a year and that is via a text message to normally ask about or brag about something. I do still send Christmas gifts and birthday cards but never get one in return (I don’t mind, that’s not why I send it) but I don’t even get a text to say thank you. I have been backwards and forwards on this for 2 years, since we got engaged, but I just don’t think he cares enough about me to not cause a scene at the wedding. The other family member can also be quite volatile and I think when they’re in a room together, when drink is involved, it is going to end in tears. It’s my fiancé’s day too and I don’t want it being spoiled. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Thank you xx



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