Daniela Harkin
Daniela Harkin 25 May 2018

Hi all! :) We have chosen our date, it is 2 years 10 months away. We've...

Hi all! :) We have chosen our date, it is 2 years 10 months away. We've paid a deposit to our dream photographer and have booked our venue, as well as setting up a joint wedding account to save money. Could people give me a guideline on when I need to do things by? E.g. When to buy save the dates/invites, when to send them out etc. Any info (or a hi from those getting married in 2021 and what you've done so far!) would be greatly appreciated :)

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 25 May 2018

Hi you can find a time line on line :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 May 2018

I bought a wedding planning book. It tells you monthly month when’d to do things. It has check lists and notes to make etc. X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 May 2018

Make a list of all the things you want/need to do and tick them off a little at a time. Including centre pieces flowers invitations and booking cake transport caterers and your registrar. We sent out save the dates just over a year before and invites 6 months before.

Sam Bates
Sam Bates 25 May 2018

Download bridebook I've just got it & it looks like it's going to make things so much easier (just started planning no bookings yet)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 May 2018

We booked our venue 2 years in advance I have put a deposit down on my dress as it the one, we have done the same with the bridesmaid dresses, we have been able to book the honeymoon, we are saving so when we see it, we will get it we have looked at invites but not sorted them, i have booked the florist though, it's exciting doing bits at a time x x

Nikita Byrne
Nikita Byrne 25 May 2018

I can not stress the app Bridebook anymore. It is amazing for everything

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 May 2018

Bridebook is great. I've had just over 5 months to organise the whole thing, and the checklist section has been invaluable.

Christina Adams
Christina Adams 25 May 2018

I'm getting married in 2021 & we've also booked the venue as well as deposit on dress and caterers, currently looking at photographers. We've done other bits and bobs too but I just want to get stuff done!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 May 2018

Look at least a year before for your dress!

Michelle Sprules
Michelle Sprules 25 May 2018

Download bridebook app, they give you month by month guide as when to buy things. It brilliant xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 May 2018

We’re getting married in 2020! I’ve booked and paid deposit for venue, photographer, bridal dress, bought invites, bought bridesmaids gifts, paid & sorted registrar, deposit on flowers! Most things really?

Charlotte Turner
Charlotte Turner 26 May 2018

You've got ages.. there are loads of sites that give you a guidance. I downloaded an app called bridebook which helped me. We decided in the July 2017 we was going to get married and got married April 2018

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 May 2018

🤞 getting married in 2021! Need to convince the other half first, engaged 2017 but 2021 will be our 10 year anniversary

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 May 2018

Hi I got engaged Feb18 and I'm getting married 01/08/2020. We have paid deposit on flowers, venue & registrar. Meetings next month with caterers and entertainment.
I also recommend Bridebook as I didn't have a clue where to start and it lays it all out quite nicely xx

Claire Woodward
Claire Woodward 26 May 2018

I used the hitched app and website! I’m
A June 2021 bride. So far we have booked our reception venue, cars, photographer, videographer, dj, photo booth, bought our table plan and order of the day boards (having someone make them for us). I’ve got most of our table decorations. The sooner we booked the better price we got! You can only take wedding insurance out about 2 years before, so we are saving in an isa for now and when we have the insurance we are going to start paying balances. Enjoy planning.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 May 2018

We’ve booked the venue for 13/4/2020, not booked anything else yet but going to send the save the dates out in the next couple of months then the invites 9-12 months before. If you book suppliers now you might get 2018/2019 prices as most places haven’t figured out their 2020 prices yet!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 27 May 2018

Got engaged Xmas 2017. Was thinking 2020 wedding. Had engagement party in march. Booked wedding 21st April and we get married on 9th June (7weeks to pan the whole thing! I have 13 days before I become Mrs and I can relax as everything is organised..

You'll smash it

Selina Gaines
Selina Gaines 28 May 2018

Have u booked registrar if u leave too late they can get booked up then u can't get married. U reserve it if that makes sense then pay full amount a year before

Joanne Simmons
Joanne Simmons 30 May 2018

We have booked venue and paid first deposit 23 week's to and I'm allready stressing about how many people to invite as we have a budget to stick to don't want to upset anyone xx


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