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Hello fellow brides! I am looking for some advice on how to cut costs down....

Hello fellow brides! I am looking for some advice on how to cut costs down. We already booked our venue and have paid the deposit as well as deposits for DJ, photographer and venue decor. Food is included in the venue price. We still have everything else to book! The problem is, we booked our venue as my in laws said they would help us quite substantially with paying for everything and they’ve since revoked that offer. We aren’t sure why they just suddenly don’t have any money to help us (but money to take his sister away on 3 holidays this year - but that’s another story!). We’ve already postponed our wedding to give ourselves more time to save but are still worried we aren’t going to have the money together in time. We’ve spoken about even getting second jobs but I just feel it’s ridiculous to do that and probably be miserable in doing so. I feel like the in laws have screwed us over a bit I just wish they’d told us sooner that they actually had no intention of helping us! Would the venue be likely to cut any costs do you think if we spoke to them? We are seriously considering cancelling everything although it’s breaking our hearts to think about it. I’ve calculated it would be less than half the cost to get married in Rome or am considering a registry office instead. We just don’t know what to do and both feel so down and frustrated by it all. Sorry for the long post I hope you guys can offer some advice. Thank you xx

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 14 May 2018

Hi if really can't afford it then go for something smaller :)

Emma Nelson-Bailey
Emma Nelson-Bailey 14 May 2018

Speak to the venue and tell them your situation. You may be able to sort out something with them. In terms of the other things. Sit down together and make a list of must haves, can compromise and don’t need. I’m not having cars, but getting friends and family to assist, my dream was horses and a carriage but couldn’t warrant the price. It’s something I felt I could compromise on. Make sure you look around, research, get at least two to three quotes for everything. Go with your gut. I’m not doing favours, but we have a candy cart. We’re not sending save the dates, save about £100, Just sending the invites out sooner. Look for invites on eBay, whilst £5 invite a piece looks nice, people don’t really keep them, we’ve got .99p invites that will be personalised from a company called Jumpfox eBay, look nice has a rsvp with it and comes with envelopes. Consider if you have things you no longer use, can you sell them? Make sure you save each month. Good luck. x

Suzanne Macdonald
Suzanne Macdonald 15 May 2018

Oh no what a shame 🤭 Deffo talk to venue/suppliers. They may be able to help you cut costs, but ultimately I think you will need to compromise on some things. On the bright side though, loads of people have beautiful weddings on tight budgets! X

Katy Robertson
Katy Robertson 15 May 2018

We had something very similar! Sounds like we have the same in laws!!!!
We cancelled our original “dream” venue (£17,000) and had a look at a few other places.
We settled on a rugby league club as it was stunning. It’s now costing £2,200 and that’s with 5 alcoholic drinks per guest, 4 course dinner for 40 people, pulled pork baguettes with all the trimming for the evening for 80ish people, hire of the room for ceremony and reception, they decorate the room for us, and a DJ.
We couldn’t have hoped for a better venue!
Which means we now have extra money to buy some things we couldn’t afford originally as the inlaws was pushing for the original venue.

Rebecca Cherrett
Rebecca Cherrett 15 May 2018

That must be so upsetting 😔 I've recently got married and there was a lot that I managed to cut back on.
You said you've paid deposits, maybe you could book a cheaper photographer?
I made all my own centrepieces (but you've got venue decor so may not need to worry about them).
I made my own bouquets. I didn't see the point of paying hundreds for real flowers. I spent £70 on flowers from a website called permabloom and honestly I was so happy with the quality of the flowers. They looked so pretty! I had enough to make my bouquet, 4 bridesmaids bouquets and had enough to decorate 12 centrepieces with.
Cake wise again I couldn't justify spending hundreds on a cake so I bought my cake from M&S. Bought a large, medium and small tier cake for only £54. I then bought ribbon and edible cake decorations from eBay and used cake glue to put it all together and I bought a wedding cake 'Mr & Mrs Parker' topper from a Facebook page called VMBespoke. It was so cheap but so pretty.
I only hired a photographer for the ceremony and had friends take pictures of the evening to save some money.
It's very do able you just have to decide where you're happy to make the cuts.
I hope everything works out well for you xx

Beth Collicott
Beth Collicott 15 May 2018

Our wedding will be under 3k for everything, and that even includes the extra cost of the registrar coming in the evening.
See if you can get any deposits back and start again on a smaller scale. Dont start your married life with the stress of paying for a big wedding.

Clare Jane
Clare Jane 15 May 2018

Why do people go extravagant when they think someone else is paying for it. We booked what WE could afford. So far people have paid for wedding dress, dj and videographer. We couldn't believe how lucky we were that people wanted to buy these for us. We wouldn't have booked something thousands of pounds more just because we weren't paying!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 May 2018

If u have yr speeches first at the meal and do a mock cutting of yr cake picture u need yr Photographer less time so cuts cost
Also means people doing speeches enjoy there meal as not worrying about doing a speech st the end

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 May 2018

Maybe talk to the venue about scaling back, cut back the guest list. Maybe cancel the decorations and do this yourself, if you’ve got creative friends or family this could save you a lot of money. Shop around a lot of different places for dress and suits. Think about only having your photographer there for ceremony and wedding breakfast.

Rebecca Bailey
Rebecca Bailey 15 May 2018

This is what I'm worried about too... My in-laws said they would pay the rest of the wedding for us when they sell the house - its been on the market for 2 years! Luckily we booked what we could afford but would still be nice for any extra help! I wish people wouldn't make offers on things they may or may not be able to follow through with!

Kelly Dolan
Kelly Dolan 15 May 2018

I would say, like others have said, talk to all suppliers you've paid deposits to. Worse case, you may lose a deposit for one but find a cheaper alternative elsewhere.
Do the decorating yourselves.
I ordered a couple of sample invitations at a cost of 72p each, 10 of each arrived, providing we get married on the date and time I used on them, we won't need to buy more!
I'm currently playing with artificial flowers, originally I was against using them but h2b refused to pay for real for them to be thrown away after, we've looked at lots and quality varies a lot but we've found some nice ones, I think total cost of flowers for venue and bouquets will be around £50.
I'd also look at buying a second hand dress, there are some lovely ones out there.
We've still got lots of time ahead of us, we are going to get married next year, date not set yet.
Fingers crossed for you.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 May 2018

I think it's important to look at what YOU can afford. From day one my parents said they would help us with a lot of our wedding but what we've booked was based on what WE could afford and if anyone helps then that's a bonus but it's OUR wedding so it's OUR responsibility to pay for it. Unfortunatly circumstances with others money can change so when it comes to something as special as your wedding day I think you would go off of what you can afford

Angela Christie
Angela Christie 15 May 2018

ask about cheaper food options and fewer guests

Roxie Houghton
Roxie Houghton 15 May 2018

Cut down on the number of guests.. make decorstions/invites yourself.. get your dress from places like wed2b which are much cheaper! These are all things we have done to try and cut costs a little!
Good luck! Xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 May 2018

When we booked our wedding we were in a totally different financial position. Since then we have had fil2be walk out of the family home and left us to financially support mil2be. With this we haven't had the chance to save as much as we wanted so i totally understand yout worries. we have had to talk with our suppliers on reducing costs. Really look at your venue and cut numbers if you can. We saved over £1k by chopping 100 people from the evening do.

Kathryn Leivers
Kathryn Leivers 15 May 2018

My hubby to be bought me a book called The DIY Wedding Manual. There are so many ways of creating your own stuff cheap x


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