UKbride Member Request 5 May 2018

Has anyone changed venues after thinking they've fallen in love? We paid the...

Has anyone changed venues after thinking they've fallen in love? We paid the deposit and then the venue presented us with an entirely different contract which is completely ridiculous and only to get more money than they're already getting. It's really ruined our initial reaction to the venue and has kind of left an awful taste in our mouths.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 6 May 2018

Hi Don't sign the contract and change venue :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 May 2018

We changed our venue. The place we had originally booked just wasn't going to be suitable. Saying they could fit a certain number of guests when in reality it would have been a squash for everyone and a lot of money for it not to be right. We sucked it up and came to terms with losing a big deposit but when we actually said the reasons why we were going elsewhere they must have agreed as they gave us our full deposit back! If its a date they will most probably be able to fill you might be surprised that you get a partial deposit or all of it back. X

Alice Hearn
Alice Hearn 8 May 2018

Follow your gut. We viewed a venue that we really liked but they wanted a 25% deposit over two years in advance, seemed quite money grabbing, and didn't feel very personalised. We went back to our first venue and booked there due to feeling they really did care about individual weddings and weren't a wedding factory, or trying to make money wherever they could, as well as being a stunning venue. Also they were able to offer exclusivity and didn't want any more money for this compared to other venues who wanted crazy amounts of money for exclusivity, as well as not adding silly amounts to have a Saturday wedding. Some venues we saw quoted an extra £3-£4k for a weekend wedding.

Jodie Cleeves
Jodie Cleeves 9 May 2018

We had this. We signed all the contracts then t because e clear all the hidden costs were going through make it just too much money. We lost the deposit but our new venue is wonderful so I am happy we changed xx


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