Chelsea Thomson
Chelsea Thomson 21 Mar 2018

Hey B2Bs I need help getting my H2B interested in helping plan our wedding....

Hey B2Bs I need help getting my H2B interested in helping plan our wedding. I can’t seem to get him interested in anything

Suzanne Hunton
Suzanne Hunton 23 Mar 2018

Have you checked he actually *wants* to get married?

If he does and it’s not just you wanting to be Princess for a Day, instead of infantilising and doing that ‘Oh, that’s just boys for you!’, sit down and use your words to actually *tell* him you expect his involvement and he needs to get his arse in gear - it’s 2018, not 1958.

You’re meant to be entering an equal partnership here, not interviewing for the opportunity to be his second mother 🙄

Nicola Mooney
Nicola Mooney 25 Mar 2018

Ah I wouldn't worry it's just a bloke thing - my hubby had an interest in the actual venue, cars, food... everything else he happily left me to it lol xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 Mar 2018

Mine said he wanted all decisions and planning to be made together .. however he works a heck of alot and whenever I do try to involve him he's always too overwhelmed to actually decide anything and will usually say go with what ever you want . I do think it's a man thing... Whether he's saying he wants to be included and then just ending up not being or just from the get go not being included it doesn't mean he doesn't want to get married. I decide top threes for most things and ask his opinion ... If he's unable to provide I decide. I do honestly think it's just a man thing and mine has said many times it doesn't feel real when your just planning .....can garuntee the closer it gets the more involvement he'll have. Mine thought it was too early for most planning (2020) however I booked most big things end of last year as I then paid last year's prices without any inflation. He knows I won't go overboard and will try to be as strict as possible with cash. Don't be discouraged if he's not overly involved now

Michelle Sprules
Michelle Sprules 25 Mar 2018

My h2b not interested either. He says it's our day, they just turn up. He Just interested in grooms party suits xx


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