UKbride Member Request 13 Mar 2018

Hello Has anyone paid up front in full for a service a year in advance?...

Hello Has anyone paid up front in full for a service a year in advance? There is a current deal a photographer is doing and if you pay in full you get a free album worth £120. I am seriously considering doing this due to being on a budget etc. But the worrier in me is thinking is it a bit risky? It does state in the contract that the full amount has to be paid 28 days before the day anyway? So do I risk it? TIA

Joanne Woodward
Joanne Woodward 13 Mar 2018

I personally wouldn't pay in advance without having a formal contract signed. X

Samantha Bolingbroke
Samantha Bolingbroke 13 Mar 2018

Hey, thanks for you reply. There is a contract I will sign to say I have paid in full to get the deal of the free album by paying in fullZ just makes me nervous I guess.

Michelle H
Michelle H 14 Mar 2018

I don’t see the problem, but then again. I plan on paying for stuff like that in full upfront so I don’t have to stress about it when we get back off honeymoon.

I guess they do that kind of offer to avoid cancellations or things like that where the photographer has turned down other bookings on the same date as yours and then you cancel and they only have the deposit. It stops them losing out.

Carole Birchy
Carole Birchy 14 Mar 2018

Meet them first! This person is going to be a guest at your wedding as well as your photographer! I just clicked with mine but I’ve met some that I wouldn’t want to be at my wedding.

Marie Richardson
Marie Richardson 14 Mar 2018

Do you have insurance?
Id say aslong as you have a contract that proves you have paid in full with the date etc etc then I dont see the problem, Plus if you have insurance and there was an issue you would be covered anyway x

Jayne Harper
Jayne Harper 14 Mar 2018

Make sure you have a contract in hand and receipt. And wedding insurance and you'll be fine

Michelle Croxford
Michelle Croxford 17 Mar 2018

I wouldn’t worry about the paying in full up front as I’ve found almost everything we’ve booked has to be paid atleast 2 weeks before the wedding anyway... hairdresser, makeup woman and videographer have said can be cash on the day but no way would I want to be sorting that out on the wedding day. I don’t think there’s anybody you will be able to pay after the wedding.x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 17 Mar 2018

My photographer was doing a deal like that but didn’t want the all the money up front x we paid a 3rd of the money up front then another 3rd 3 weeks before then the rest 3 months after the wedding! I wouldn’t trust anyone that wanted full payment up front!!

Glenn Dunwell
Glenn Dunwell 17 Mar 2018

Pay by credit card as that will offer you protection if the photographer goes out of business.

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 17 Mar 2018

I've paid up front for our DJ as we got garden games and sweet cart included.

Shakira Badwal
Shakira Badwal 17 Mar 2018

We paid for everything in advance. Somethings up to 2 years in advance x

Bethany Smith
Bethany Smith 17 Mar 2018

Nothing wrong with paying up front, I paid mine off in full. If anything happens or I have to cancel, I'll get it all back minus the deposit. As long as that's the case you aren't losing out on anything and you're getting a great deal in the process. Go for it! Gotta do what you gotta do when you're on a budget :)


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