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Hi ladies, my mother in law to be is a little interfering and "puts her...

Hi ladies, my mother in law to be is a little interfering and "puts her foot in it a lot" and a little while ago said to my fiancés 10yr old niece and her grand daughter how lovely it would be for her to be our bridesmaid and was she looking forward to it. My fiancé awkwardly went along with it as he didn't know what to do! I made it clear to him after how I felt and that I did not wish for her to be a bridesmaid. Yesterday she approached us both and said "you need to have a word with her because she thinks she's going to be your bridesmaid and I don't want to be the one to break her heart. I'll happily pay for a dress if you want her to be a flower girl or something so that she is involved". Im not very confrontational so shrugged the conversation off but now I don't know what to do or how to go about dealing with this. I have not approached the girl or even said anything that could remotely sound like I was asking her to be a bridesmaid. Any tips or advice?! Thank you!

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 5 Mar 2018

Hi you and your Fiance should tell his Mum too butt out, speak to the child's Mother and explain what has happened that you have not made up your mind who you are asking. Diffuse the situation as soon as possible the longer you leave it the worse it will be. We had to tell my Fiances Mother to mind her own business good luck :)

Susie Booth
Susie Booth 6 Mar 2018

Tell your h2b to talk with his mother and get her to the little girl she's not a bridesmaid ...let her take the fall for the mess she created x


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