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So I have a moral dilemma, my family are pretty awful to me. And I've always...

So I have a moral dilemma, my family are pretty awful to me. And I've always forgiven them. To name a few times: 1. My invitation to my brothers wedding clearly stated 'plus one' which I opted in for, a month to the wedding I'm told he can't come, so I have to travel alone to the wedding, and I'm seated nowhere near my immediate family. I'm seated with friends of the family. 2. Now I'm engaged and chose my wedding date this year with care and told my family, planned to do a lot of it DIY, only I've had to move my date because my mother is now getting married on that date... 3. And the last straw - my mom is moving abroad with her h2b, so asked us kids what we'd like from the house, and the only thing I asked for was something that I associate with memories of my dad, and my brother decided I shouldn't have it because I owe him some money from 5 years ago, even though he's getting loads of my dad's stuff. And I have started to pay it back, although debating the rest now. Due to the stress, I have now decided to elope and get married abroad, with a few select friends, but I've decided that my family should not be involved AT ALL, or even invited or told when I'm tying the knot. Am I being petty by not including them? Thanks if you got this far!

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 21 Feb 2018

Hi I don't blame you at all your brother sounds very vindictive and your Mum is very selfish picking the date you wanted. I would turn my back on the lot of them :)


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