UKbride Member Request 18 Feb 2018

So don’t get me wrong.. I am happy for my brother but since I can remember...

So don’t get me wrong.. I am happy for my brother but since I can remember he never wanted to get married but 5months after I get engaged he pops the question to his girlfriend and it’s always about her already! Feeling gutted as I’ve always been the one wanting to get married out of me, my brother and sister so I’ve always been looking forward to first one out of us to tie the knot! but now that’s been taken away. I’m over that but now they’re using the same venue as us and I feel so disrespected as they haven’t even ask how we feel about it! The venue is at a family farm.. that’s we’ve already booked things for. They’ve gone and taken all my ‘special day/first wedding there away. And Being the youngest I’ve always had to follow in their footsteps and I don’t want to follow on my wedding day! They’re getting married in April and we’re July next year. Am I being silly and get over it or do I have the right to feel annoyed and tell them how I feel? Thanks!

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 18 Feb 2018

Hi although yours was booked first be pleased for your brother, anyway your Wedding will be different as your way of decorating the venue. the colours you choose for your Wedding party will be different don't let bitterness spoil everything for you :)


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