Kimberley Horne
Kimberley Horne 17 Feb 2018

Shop cant provide my wedding dress!!! Hi, 4 weeks ago I found my wedding...

Shop cant provide my wedding dress!!! Hi, 4 weeks ago I found my wedding dress- "the one". It was the first dress that I tried on, in the first shop we visited. I tried on about 10 other dresses in that shop, then went to numerous other shops and absolutely nothing even came close. They said it was an older design, so I asked them to check it would still be ok to order in my size- the lady went away, came back and said yes! I had to work the following weekend so I called the shop and again asked them to check if it would still be ok to order. "If we dont call you back it means its fine". I didnt get a call back, so assumed all was fine. We went back to that shop 2 weeks ago to try it on again and I was completely in love so we ordered it. Again, I asked them to check, and again they said yes. Yesterday- another 2 weeks later I receive a voicemail from them saying "bad news- we cant reorder your dress- you need to come and get a refund or find a new one". I was absolutely heartbroken. Im a curvy girl, and not a very girlie girl, so wedding dress shopping for me was a big deal, and to find something I was completely comfortable in and looked good in was a miracle to me. I dont know where to turn from here. The thought of going through all of that again from scratch makes me feel queasy, and I know Ive lost "the one" and trying not to compare everything else I find is going to be tough. I wont be going back to that shop- all they could say to me was that this has never happened to another bride in the 14 years that shop had been open. I just wondered if anyone else has been in my position, and what I should do next?

Donna Green
Donna Green 17 Feb 2018

Can you get the make of the dress and see if another shop can get it? Or maybe try online xx


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