Danniella Castle
Danniella Castle 12 Feb 2018

Does everyone know what they're doing for their hen do? My venue gives me a...

Does everyone know what they're doing for their hen do? My venue gives me a complimentary afternoon tea before the wedding so I just wanted to have the bridal party there. And then go have basically a massive pyjama party and get facials, massages, nails done etc. Depending how close it is to the wedding I thought we could get our make up trials done as well and then go for a meal and drinks?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 13 Feb 2018


Danniella Castle
Danniella Castle 13 Feb 2018

I think ill play the hen day aha. And then my sister's/bridesmaids can sort the night and then it's the best of both. I can have control during the first half and plan what I'd like and the rest can be a surprise.

Kayleigh E Alman
Kayleigh E Alman 16 Feb 2018

That’s something I want to do! I’m not a big drinker and wouldn’t want anything like that, so a spa day with a meal in the evening maybe x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 16 Feb 2018

I’m having 2. 1 with my friends which I know nothing about, my MOH is organising and it. 2nd one will be afternoon tea with the mothers, grandmothers etc. I’ll be having my hair and makeup trial the same day as my proper hen do. Xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 16 Feb 2018

That sounds great :-)
We went for a Chinese, then to my favourite pub for party games, bit of a dance and lots of drinks :-)

Izzie East
Izzie East 16 Feb 2018

That sounds so cute!!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 17 Feb 2018

My Maid of Honour is planning mine it is a total surprise!! but i am also having one with my work friends and possibly going to wales for the weekend and going to an adventure park setting under ground in caves!

Josie Long
Josie Long 18 Feb 2018

My sister is my maid of honour and she is planning mine. She already has ideas up her sleeve but i trust her totally as she knows what i wouldnt want :-) x

Danielle Wilson
Danielle Wilson 20 Feb 2018

I'm having family, friends and co-workers all go to a tribute night with a meal at a local resteraunt and also having a seperare hen do for myself and the bridesmaids pamper day with stayover x

Suzanne Marie
Suzanne Marie 20 Feb 2018

I want to go on a weekend break to Ibiza for a spa day, a walk on the beach and a nights partying x


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