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It was 2 years yesterday until our wedding day in Kent. We have had snow and...

It was 2 years yesterday until our wedding day in Kent. We have had snow and extremely cold weather this week and I am now worried we've made the wrong choice by booking a February wedding. We obviously knew it would be cold but I am now worried it will ruin it. Has anyone else had a February wedding or been to a winter wedding?

Rubie Adams
Rubie Adams 9 Feb 2018

Hi.. Firstly.. Stop over thinking hun!!
I've been to loads and my parents have been to a New Years eve wedding in the snow.
The one thing you can not controll is the weather..! Lol
Be it a summer weather in the pooring rain, a spring or autumn wedding in gale force winds or a winder wedding in the snow.
Anything could happen to anyone.
Plan for the worse.. buy wedding wellingtons! Depending on the location.. delegate some of the men in your world Snow Shovel duties.
Check your location will provide Salt to put down if needed.
The day is about you two.
As long as you two get there with a vicar/registra and a couple of witnesses then you'll be away.
Buy wedding insurance if your concerned about any suppliers (everyone should buy this regardless x)
It's hard not to worry but try not too about the weather.. there are loads of things us brides stress about that we Can control x
All we can do is make some back up plans and go with it x
Think of the amazing photos you'd get in the snow x

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 9 Feb 2018

I am getting married next week. I used to be a wedding coordinator and you really can't worry about these things - I promise you, bad weather will not ruin your day, you will enjoy it regardless. I have seen people stress over weather patterns for certain dates to try and predict nice weather - they have then ended up with a cold and rainy day in the middle of July. As I am having a winter wedding I wouldn't actually mind snow - the pictures would be amazing!


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