Leanne Kitto
Leanne Kitto 7 Feb 2018

I'm getting married in 13months how long should I wait before looking for...

I'm getting married in 13months how long should I wait before looking for wedding dress?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Feb 2018

Hi start looking at designs, look on Wed2b for ideas they have dresses from £99-£899 :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 7 Feb 2018

I would say any time now. Maybe look on line and see what styles you like ... there is lots of info out there. I bought mine 11 months before.

Amber Freeman
Amber Freeman 7 Feb 2018

I agree with Lucy, web2b is a great place to start, I got my dress from there. You get chance to win your money back too x

Eliza Munnelly
Eliza Munnelly 7 Feb 2018

I'm getting married in Summer 19. I looking in Summer 18 so I can try dresses on in the summer climate (not that Britain is that predictable). Gives me a chance to save for it too!

Kate Phillips
Kate Phillips 7 Feb 2018

I would have started already, mine took 6 months to be made

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 8 Feb 2018

We get married March 2019 I got my dress October 2017! If you find the one get it. I tried so many on and stared to get very upset, then cryed when I found the dress I was not letting it go, no I have to go back jan 2019 for my dress fitting as it was a little big

Shani Murray
Shani Murray 11 Feb 2018

Enjoy looking around now. I loved trying on different dresses it was so much fun! We also went to the national wedding show a few times to get inspiration. Good luck!


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