UKbride Member Request 29 Jan 2018

Need some help my passport is due in March and I’m getting married in...

Need some help my passport is due in March and I’m getting married in November I’m wanting it in my new name but just wondering how difficult it is to renew a fully out of date passport or would you just get a new one in your soon to be old name

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 29 Jan 2018

Hi you need to have new forms from the post office. You can have a note from your registrar confirming that you are getting married then you can have your new passport in your new name :)

Rakha Lanji
Rakha Lanji 30 Jan 2018

Hi You can get a passport up 2 3 months before your wedding date in your new name but the start date on your passport will be from the date of you wedding. I'm doing this my passport runs out in Sept n my wedding is in October. All you need to do is copy your old passports details onto the form and send it off with the forms. xx

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 30 Jan 2018

Check out the government website and they have all the details. Mine ran out this month and I am holding off till just before the wedding to get my new on in my married name.

Jennifer Johnstone
Jennifer Johnstone 5 Feb 2018

As above have said you can get it in your new name 3 months in advance, big question is will you need it before then? Mine ran out this month, I marry in september but I need it in the next few months for a holiday, a dbs check and to give notice of marriage, so replaced it anyway.


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