UKbride Member Request 25 Jan 2018

Hi, is anyone buying their H2b a gift box for the morning of your wedding...

Hi, is anyone buying their H2b a gift box for the morning of your wedding and if so what are you putting in them. Thank you

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 25 Jan 2018

Hi I like the idea but don't know what to put in it :)

Danniella Castle
Danniella Castle 26 Jan 2018

We were looking at rings at a wedding fair and the seller was showing h2b pocket watches. It's something I would honesty never have thought he would like. But he said he loved them and said he'd love it as a keepsake to give our son. So I am going to surprise him with one before the wedding.

Michelle Palmer
Michelle Palmer 27 Jan 2018

Personalised boxers socks

On Pinterest I’ve seen “mints- for our first kiss as mr and Mrs” tags
“Watch - so your not late” kids of ideas on Pinterest :) x

Sharon  Fowles
Sharon Fowles 29 Jan 2018

I was hoping to get my h2b a pocket watch but he is so fussy, i dont think i could pick 1 he likes.. lol..

Vicki Allen
Vicki Allen 7 Feb 2018

I am slowly putting a gift bag together with all sorts of goodies for my H2B. Some don't even have to cost the earth. So far tissues, mints, personalised socks, chocolate, plasters because he has new shoes, small bottle of his favourite Grey Goose vodka, a poem from me, breath freshner and some dental floss. Also doing gift bags for the ushers and bridesmaids.

Stacey Gray
Stacey Gray 11 Feb 2018

Yes in mine im putting
Watch; be in time
Vodka shot; dutch courage, groom socks, cufflinks & prseonalised boxers x


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