Ayla Carpenter
Ayla Carpenter 24 Jan 2018

When should I do my hen night

When should I do my hen night

Hope S
Hope S 24 Jan 2018

I think about doing mine the week-end before my wedding, but really I think anything up to a month before the wedding is ok.
What have you planned for your Hen Do?

Stacey Hutchinson
Stacey Hutchinson 24 Jan 2018

Mine is next weekend and I get married in May

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 27 Jan 2018

Up to you. Mine is next weekend - 2 weeks prior to the wedding

Vicki Allen
Vicki Allen 7 Feb 2018

It really doesn't matter, totally up to you but you may need the weekend before your wedding to do last minute things so best to keep it free.


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