Danni Foster
Danni Foster 22 Jan 2018

Anybody else got engaged on Christmas Day!? x{:IMG:0#416968#1?288:}

Anybody else got engaged on Christmas Day!? x

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Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 22 Jan 2018

Congratulatons! (In answer to your question no, I got engaged on Bastille Day)

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 22 Jan 2018

Hi we did Christmas Day 2016 :)

Kerry Martyn
Kerry Martyn 22 Jan 2018

I proposed to him...

Lynsay Marshall
Lynsay Marshall 23 Jan 2018

We got engaged on April fools day. Glad it wasn't a joke though lol xx

Brenda Eyles
Brenda Eyles 5 Feb 2018

My boyfriend proposed on a flight to Mexico ❤️


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