UKbride Member Request 18 Jan 2018

Is an hour and 10 minute drive to the wedding venue too far for guests to...

Is an hour and 10 minute drive to the wedding venue too far for guests to travel? There is a hotel 5 minutes down the road for only £60 a night. How far is too far?!

Becky Moss
Becky Moss 18 Jan 2018

This may put some people off but you could maybe arrange a coach there and back for guests so they would only have to travel to the pick up point xxxx

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell 18 Jan 2018

No not at all anyone that’s want to go to the wedding will make the effort to go all that way

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 19 Jan 2018

Our guest will have to travel around an 40mins to an hour to get to our venue

Chloe Mitchell
Chloe Mitchell 19 Jan 2018

Some of our guests have to come from South Wales to North Wales so I'd say that's fine

Steph Lister
Steph Lister 19 Jan 2018

I think if they really want to be at your wedding distance and time won't be an issue those who complain are to me looking for a reason not to go. You have chosen your special venue they have to respect that Some of my family are traveling around an hour for my wedding and my partners best friends are traveling further but have all agreed to come and stay at the hotel we are getting married in as they get money off as well

Sophie Nairn
Sophie Nairn 21 Jan 2018

Some guests surely have to travel halfway across the country so I don't see why it'd be a problem. I did want to make sure there were plenty hotel options around though for our guests to choose between x

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 22 Jan 2018

My venue is 40 minutes away from my house, but i have family ages away, some from top of north wales coming 4 hours down (it shouldn't matter is what i'm saying) - if they want to come they will make the effort.

Claire Beaumont
Claire Beaumont 23 Jan 2018

Our venue is an hour away for guests. A little longer for me.... But those who want to be there will be. It's not that far really. Xx

Tessa Lok
Tessa Lok 28 Jan 2018

An hour and a half really doesn't sound like a long travel at all!


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