UKbride Member Request 18 Jan 2018

is It wrong to not Invite all family to a wedding?

is It wrong to not Invite all family to a wedding?

Jessie Rickman
Jessie Rickman 18 Jan 2018

No not at all, I'm planning on having a small wedding with only the family that have been their and supported me, if they have they don't deserve to come

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell 18 Jan 2018

No not at all

Nicola Smithson
Nicola Smithson 18 Jan 2018

No - Not wrong at all! Some of my family won't be invited (Mainly kids) because I don't see them very often/ever met them. It's your and your partners day - You do what feels right for you! Xxxx

Kirsty Davies
Kirsty Davies 18 Jan 2018

It’s your day! Whoever is there always and suppprts you, who makes the effort deserves to see you get married :) x

Andrea Allison
Andrea Allison 18 Jan 2018

No not at all. It's just going to be me and my h2b at ours

Tracy Hutchins
Tracy Hutchins 19 Jan 2018

No I don't think so.
We have only invited my parents and my sister and her husband and my Fiance has invited his parents and his sister and husband.

Jodie Howard
Jodie Howard 26 Jan 2018

No I won't be as it is expensive.


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