UKbride Member Request 17 Jan 2018

Just to get an idea, how much are people on average spending on Flowers?...

Just to get an idea, how much are people on average spending on Flowers? Both for bridal and decoration purposes? HAving been to a wedding decorator she said on the region of £1,000 for table pieces brides maids button holes and wedding bouquet as well as some props around the venue. I still that way too much... but what have other people spent? Those wanting to put their personal foliage/floral touch? Nikki

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 17 Jan 2018

Hi fresh flowers are quite expensive I was quoted £1,500 just for two bouquets and decorating staircase:)

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 17 Jan 2018

i'm really unsure on this one myself as until i know what i want i cant get an accurate quote which is so difficult, someone who got married, i asked them and they spent £1,300 on flowers! it's insane, never thought it would be so much

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 17 Jan 2018

Fresh flowers are a horrendous price when done by a florist for a wedding. I have decided to use silk flowers (white roses) mixed with gypsophilia so that I can do them beforehand and just add the gyps the day before (found beautiful very realistic roses for approx 50p each on e-bay and have bought 160 of them). For the bouquets I will be having fresh but as I want loose tied I will be doing them myself and tying with florist wire and then white ribbon. Button holes I will do with the white roses for artificial and, again, add the fresh gyps the day before with a bit of greenery.

E Wilson
E Wilson 17 Jan 2018

Average is about £1000. We are making ours out of paper

Kylie Pink
Kylie Pink 18 Jan 2018

For everything for my wedding it’s going to cost me about £300


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