Zoe Goodbourn
Zoe Goodbourn 15 Jan 2018

Any recommendations on where to look for shoes? Anything labelled as...

Any recommendations on where to look for shoes? Anything labelled as 'wedding shoes' are overpriced and most others I wouldn't want to wear for my big day..

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell 15 Jan 2018

Yeah just go for a simple pair to your style soon as you mention the word wedding they throw extra £100 on the price

Carol Daniels
Carol Daniels 15 Jan 2018

Maybe try so retail shop can get some lovely shoes wedding style and don't have to cost a fortune or even places like Amazon or ebay do some really money saving. Hope this helps :) x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 15 Jan 2018

Hi take a look on e-bay :)

Maxine James
Maxine James 15 Jan 2018

LightInTheBox.com some really great deals on there x

Andrea Bovelle
Andrea Bovelle 15 Jan 2018

Hi I got a lovely pair on amazon for £30

Stacey Hutchinson
Stacey Hutchinson 16 Jan 2018

New look do an bridal range that is a great price

Sophie Nairn
Sophie Nairn 16 Jan 2018

I got my day shoes from Debenhams (though had to go to a bigger store for a good range), and my dancing shoes from Primark 😂. I was looking for ages though as a had a very specific idea of what I wanted x

Paula Bowey
Paula Bowey 17 Jan 2018

Got mine in Debenhams £65 They are a Jenny Packham design love them classic silver stilletto with a bit of bling detail

A member uploaded image

Stephanie Sweet-Burton
Stephanie Sweet-Burton 19 Jan 2018

Rainbow Club do amazing wedding shoes, I got mine for £30! They're on ebay :)

Kerry Martyn
Kerry Martyn 21 Jan 2018

I love really extravagant shoes so I would recommend irregular choice..
they even have a wedding day pair..


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