UKbride Member Request 15 Jan 2018

How to get married on a cheap budget

How to get married on a cheap budget

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 15 Jan 2018

Hi look at money saving expert they have great tips on how to save money on their site :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 15 Jan 2018

Research, research, research. Don't jump in to the first place you see, don't be tempted by all the 'you have to have this' marketing. Concentrate on the essentials.

E Wilson
E Wilson 15 Jan 2018

Lots of research. 'Budget' hotels have a great price. We opted for Holiday Inn. Theybhavr a fee different packages to choose from.

Sarah Pope
Sarah Pope 16 Jan 2018

I'm on a 2,500 budget, its all about finding what you really want and need and what isn't a big deal. I'm sacrificing the car and being taken by my brother in his, the photographer is a friend of my mums and my mum is a registrar

Cindy White
Cindy White 17 Jan 2018

Sarah Pope, I am so impressed!! I only dream of keeping under £5000 but my fiance won't consider reducing our guest list! Lmao


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